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The lie of the land many thanks indeed from american and buster who advises the kogo the kurdistan regional government that was peter galbraith speaking to his life as the voting begins across iraqi kurdistan he was talking to us from bill digging is these they from the bbc world service thirteen minutes past the hour thank you for joining us now it's been a mix nights for the german leader angela merkel she has been reelected to a fourth term thoughts the overall results for her political alliance were the worst in nearly seventy years now thanks yang only give his fine called we've had twelve years of governmental responsibility and it doesn't go without saying that we have yet again become the strongest party it of course there is another important development which is the entrance the ft into the german parliament on today we can say that we now have a mandate to see mrs pence ability in the game to seem this responsibility commie talking with our partners of course my past once again thank you very much and clinical they're acknowledging that rise of the nationalist aft oval tentative germany party now they've won their first seats in parliament and the set to become the third biggest party in german politics is the ponting leader franca petrie they have these not flunk finally and then on to thank the of we ended this results in the vote is endless so unhappy about the jump the governing coalition had been doing that they vcw and the s d house to substantial amount of votes in a stupid they chose the party the pits topics onto the public agenda which have not been debated for far too long leg and divide ten is neil to has been eased i knew that i admit that i thought that i am very much in favour of debating these matters well john kornblum is a former us ambassdor sami he still lives and works in berlin and joins us now all companies say then money angloamerica will serve another ten but as.

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