Joe Biden, Neil Kinnock, Bank Of China discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Reality is what it is and you know well, we agree inherited the worst economy ever. Okay. Well, source recovery since the forties. and You you know literally lowest Labor participation rate thirteen, million more Americans on food stamps is at an accomplishment. I. Would say getting jobs and creating jobs. That's the accomplishment. Because now, everybody's invested in the American dream with hope and their own life in their own destiny in their own skills and their own talents. You know. So I mean there's there's You see little flashes of what they they can't get away from. President even saying. Buttons elected China will own this country. Well, we already saw the relationship with China and the Biden's. At Zero. Experience Hunter get that one, billion dollar Bank of China deal. You know I would think Goldman Sachs and Deutsche. Bank. And any any of the big financial houses would be better candidates to partner with the Bank of China. You Know Biden said memory she was ignorant of his record into debate attack memory said that during the first debate when she just she memorized that line, she looked tim data knee I. Way She delivered the line that was written in prepared memorized, and now they're best friends. It's a little disingenuous to me. Joe Biden was asked by Robin Roberts on his black common answer I shouldn't have said it. I. Think. It's far more incendiary. Praise of the guy that's filibustered the Civil Rights Act of sixty four or working with the former Klansman who filibustered the civil. Rights. Act was against the Voting Rights Act. Ought to work on stopping immigration schools because he didn't want kids going to school at a racial jungle, his words. As now again, been accused of plagiarizing Canadian politician this time not Neil Kinnock. Remember the one there. Anyway a CBC news. You know in in Canada pointed out the similars on twitter not Biden's first brush with plagiarism plagiarism. We also did it with Robert Kennedy and British party leader Labor leader near Kinnock. And why am I the first kinnock in a thousand generations to be able to get to university? And Biden just did it word for word and kept going through the entire list? Now they're saying the exact same thing when he gave us, you know teleprompter speech on Thursday night love is more powerful than hate hope is more powerful than fear light is more powerful than the dark. Okay what he said the Canadian politician. Jack Layton is his name. My friends love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear optimism better than despair. I'll let you decide. Biden pledging no new taxes for anyone making under four hundred, thousand dollars. It's not possible..

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