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It takes a lot to surprise me. Shocking. There's a whole other level. You never want to be surprised and shocked isn't even a consideration. Life who humans never cease to amaze. Once in a while, in a good way More times than not, you must disappoint. The world gives you lemons make lemonade setbacks of the first step for starting over. It's not how far you faults. How are you bounced back? Everything can disappoint. Everyone makes mistakes. We all fail at something. And what you do with disappointment sets the tone for your life for as long as I can remember. I've had a mantra. I'm not going to let it bring me down. And from there, I get another chance. I'm not going to let it bring me down. I'll rise above it. People disappoint. Sure, but I can't let them be the reason to disappoint myself. I've been watching the world I've been watching my fellow man. I suppose. At times, we can't help ourselves. There's just no code anymore. Sometimes we don't know any better. It seems to me we want to tear down our heroes and then root for their comebacks. I've noticed. Of course, it's hard out there. The path to success. Happiness is fraught with challenges. Frankly, there's no clear path. It's on us to improvise. Clearly some of us find something some of us many. Something's a site Few, maybe everything we all should strive that which gives us life's simple pleasures. And as long as the next guy doesn't interfere with my search Good luck to them. I'm an observer. I can't help but notice my fellow man. I too want to help the times. There are times I want to point out areas for improvement. Most times, I just smile and myself thinking of the bewildering behavior of humans. I say, You know what? Just let them hang themselves. The famous Chinese General Lao Soup said, never interrupt an enemy when he's making mistake. Therefore, I'll just watch. There's so many character traits that raised their head every week. There's joy, this appreciation. I've watched the athletes. They're like kids. Their joy is amazing. Then, of course, this envy and jealousy, But in my experience with bothers me more than anything, people are so quick to make up their minds. And they're often wrong. Never in doubt. The first time I heard that expression was from industrial psychologists were discussing a guy we were working with, and he was driving me crazy, looked at me and said he's often wrong but never in doubt. Marquis is bright eyes, and that means he's into it. So I I learned if you have bright eyes and your spirit is in the right place. I'll forgive it no matter what, but I am not going to let you bring me down. I won't let it bring me down. I appreciate the subtleties of life, particularly now when we're all getting another chance. I'm responsible for my own well being. It's interesting being in it and watching it. The world and all its revolutions. We work we play. We live. We learn. We try and find that elusive AM Penis. Find the world fascinating. I find people more so Find the air opinions. Ridiculous. I found behavior obnoxious. I find disappointment every which way I turn But I look at it is their problem, not mine. Yet I'm happy. I'm getting happier. I'm getting happier and happier every week. Life as we know it is getting closer and closer. And yet, Oh, well. I'm not going to let anything. Bring me down now on the upside, he who always brings a smile to my face. My son, my co host and lawyer, Jesse Weber. Hey there. Well, that is a good introduction for me. But unfortunately I see. We're back to humans being disappointing, huh? That's a that's a real shocker. I thought you moved on from that. I thought so, too. But this week Mind provoking stuff, got me back and denigrating the human race. I went to the post office the other day I had to go in there hadn't said something registered and certified. I walked into the post office. It was like a war zone. All the plexiglass were up all the places to stand. Six ft. Apart were all laid out on the floor. Every single human in the post office, whether they were working there, or visiting were all messed up. Can you tell me what that means? I got to tell you, Jesse, this the government. These are giving us the rules and restrictions and hear their own post office is locked up like we're in a award in a hospital. What's going on here? I mean, unless they're all not vaccinated, right? If you follow the CDC, all those people were not vaccinated and they have to wear all the protective gear. But other than that, I don't know. I really have no idea. It almost feels like they know something We don't You notice John Rum? You want to talk sports for a second? You want to talk about that? My gosh. What? Let's explain what this is. Okay, So Jon Rahm, Spanish golfer 26 Year old, one of the best in the world this past weekend, he was playing incredible in one of the tournaments, the memorial tournament. Let me explain this. He got an ace. He was six shots ahead. He was looking to run away on Sunday with this thing and he was going to win. I think over $1.6 million, which would have been a great start, he would have moved into the following weekend. I think a major is coming up. And what happens what happens after this great round? They captured this on tape. The officials come up to him. Yeah, he's coming off the 18th hole. Yeah, he's coming off the 18th hole. There's two officials waiting for him and they tell them He tested positive for Covid. His reaction was obviously devastated. Here's what we learned the PGA only tests players who are unvaccinated So now we're all thinking he didn't get vaccinated and he hasn't come out and confirmed it or not, but it's clear he didn't get vaccinated him because he didn't get vaccinated. He lost the tournament. He lost $1.6 million. And I think it was a huge mistake on his part huge. You know what bothered me about a thing. They didn't want to say if he was vaccinated or not, they were taking the politically correct route. And everybody's wondering, Was he vaccination? Wasn't we've accident? One of this been one of the most important times ever to be clear and concise, right at the beginning, But worse yet. You would think once we found out he wasn't vaccinated that he made the decision not to be. That the media would have been all over it and made a big issue. Defend Biden and company were trying to get people to be vaccinated. You wouldn't think that was the lead story and every night and it wasn't and I was really taken aback by that. The problem is, it's still a personal decision and a lot of respects and that P J doesn't want to get political they try not to, and unfortunately, the Covid vaccine has become a political issue. I'm sick of all this politically correct stuff, particularly when it surrounds covid. But you know what? Listen, I have said that I am very much involved in sports now, at least from a perspective of viewing sports. Sports helped me get through the whole covid.

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