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The tech press anticipate that apple may announce new m one macbooks. A new mac mini even new air pods. The invited video called the event unleashed magically announced. It's readying the release of the magically to a are headset next year for select customers using it in an early access program with general availability to follow. That's right. I said magically magically initially it was developing a consumer-friendly a our headset but it has changed the headsets name from magically one to the magically pawn creator edition and then abandoned the consumer business in two thousand twenty brought in a new ceo and now. It's very enterprise focused and apparently getting enterprise customers so they go in the apple versus epoch. Lawsuit that will never end judge. Yvonne gonzalez rogers largely ruled in. Apple's favor of the only exception was a permanent injunction. That stated apple could not could no longer prohibit developers from pointing users to outside payment systems with apple having until early december to revise. Its app store. Rules apple now plans to appeal. That decision not surprised in asking the judge for stay on the injunction through the appeals process. Epic previously announced. It was appealing the decision. As well and google has countersued games in its dispute saying that epic willfully breached. Its play store. Developer agreement added in that purchases. Two four nine so not a surprise. We expected the appeals. And now they're here all right. Let's talk a little more about new products from tile. Sarah let's do. This tile announce a new line of tracking devices including new.

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