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And convinced and not just my call also mirko and as i said the relationship with merckel a much more difficult also because of the trade imbalance between the us in germany and here with pump to something that is very important to understand that the economic and strategic aspects of this relationship are interconnected and if we're willing to engage the europeans and the chinese in very serious negotiations of course texting our interest defending our interests but also understanding their interest and at the same time get the europeans on our side in changing jcp away changing this agreement probably not bailing out this is classic trump she takes an extreme position and then you go shitting negotiates down from that position compromised he can live with i think that's what's going on with the european kids being cup he should be tough and the europeans in the end the united states need our leadership needs w russia and other strategic challenges to europe without us they cannot cope with thank you very much ariel cohen is a senior fellow at the atlantic council giving us his thoughts on president donald trump's are meeting with french president emmanuel macron at the white house topics including the iranian nuclear deal north korea and trade issues related to the european union and as mentioned a secretary of the treasury steven mnuchin scheduled to go to china one of the topics of course is technology and intellectual property still with us here is sylvia jabotinsky managing director capital markets institutional etf strategist for direction and you know soviet that made me plays into i wanna learn more about a new etf this is the direction daily robotics artificial intelligence and automation index you've got a bull shares three x product and this is really at the heart of many of the discussions going on between the china and the united states having to do with an intellectual property and technology tell us about this particular etf.

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