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Mason Crosby needs to and he's needed for a long time. Injure overall. He does he does by also say this the game too. I know Trubisky has gotten a shit ton of flack this year and some of it's definitely warranted. He's definitely growing pains. I was pretty impressed as a whole for the season. Seeing the kid play like granted shirt when I love to have Trevor arts, obviously. But I think in year two he actually showed some pretty good strides made some fucking great throw some great plays in the game. Here's here's here's the thing that you're Bisky though, is that when you have Jamal Adams like Stratton, take any Excellent. exit. I understand that. Like, obviously, it's retrospect, but it's like there was a lot better options than Trubisky. Like you live with your the Dyane that on a hill for the next couple years. So I guess in that respect he he'll never be able to be the one that truly wins. You a Super Bowl, but you can't win with it. You know, a safety impact the game better than a good quarterback. No. Traffic according without question across across the professional sports round. There's two positions that matter most to team, and I believe those to be your starting quarterback number one. And number two starting pitcher in the OB. Goalie. No, no. Yeah goal. Yeah. Am I gonna surprise you? Can't you can't you can't you can do it with a bag oily? But yes, I would you need Trubisky to the people that directly put points on the board directly take points off the board. Here's the thing. Here's the thing that I believe with Trubisky. It's he doesn't have to be this quarterback. That's going to go out there and swing it. And when you games with his arm. He has to be a quarterback that knows how to control the game and can make the right place at the right times. And it looked like he made steps towards that towards especially this season. Throws. He number one. Athlete like running game K manager. That's like what are you going to be? You know, he has to learn how to control the football game. I think Alex, I think Alex Smith does that. Really? Well, yeah. Maybe he isn't obviously made a big playoff run ever. But he does he's never had the he's never once had the defense that you're Bisky has right now. I think the thing people tend to overlook some times too is it I mean for all incentives. Luciano's John FOX year was waste. It really wasn't a per season. This was his first season in entirely new offense maneuver head coach new supporting personnel. And I'm not trying to make excuses from the guy. But I mean, that's got to be a bit of a learning curve to get over that. And I thought it all right by the season. I think that accuracy is one of those things that's really hard to obtain like once you get to this level like by bunch of degrees. And he's off by a lot like he's hit. He, and that's the part that just scares me about him is that he's never going to be truly accurate. And if you're not truly accurate, you're gonna turn over the ball. And you're gonna have inefficiencies no matter what you do said defend pretty frigging good. Although is just can't have a high clicking offense like the patriots or the saints or to be the bears had a Jacksonville season this year like for next year that would be very depressing. Here's there's nothing that says that that's going to happen. No injuries this year, you know, easily be different next year. That's why like I I heard a lot of people today when I wanted to work there like, oh, it's okay. They're going to be great next year. Like, it's I mean, and I know I brought it up earlier like the foundations. Great. But what happens if MAC Tursas ACL what happens picks goes down for the year or Jackson like I know he didn't play..

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