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If your if your cough you're welcome to do that somebody asked me a question I can get back to that I was Curt asking me a question about our company the so apparently well I'm not going to make any decision based on what you want to bring up the name because everybody you know I'm just not the whole could spur I don't wanna get involved in their whole conspiracy theories in around that I'll just say this we're talking about each twenty eight I do something I'm watching very very closely it is public knowledge it's out there so but none the less there is an attempt to gain more control of the border it's one thing to gain control of the stock that's an easy thing to do go by controlling shares in a hostile kind of away but gain more control of the board the six it's expected to happen on Friday we'll see if it does happen I suspect in might it could be getting close to a total re formation of the company the motive for this is a joke are from the person is trying to gain control because he apparently has not been very in touch with that sector in a very very long time and has no clue what's going on now I happen to know that's not true cell one can only believe that there there is a different mode of this is a company that is reshaping what it is doing it has been for quite some time ago watching it very closely it's been a couple years reshaping like a company like this takes a lot of time so I suspect it's going to take a lot of time could I put it on my cell list well just at the mere solidifying of this person wanting to take over the stock dramatically jumped up it is dramatic over the last five days and extract dramatically jumped up this morning by a fair amount so continues to rise as I expected over the weekend so I'm going to wait it out I'm going to get a handle on it and if I put a sell order it's not going to be until Wednesday and so I feel like the the optic is gettin isn't is wearing it's welcome six ten three six three eleven saying you can't you're caught my wrist Glenda saying good morning good morning glamorous just saying Dan I don't have words yet I would like to know more about them do your dollar cost average in per search or by as much as allocated and leave it alone should I buy one on the violence if you're retired looking for income is the only reason you're buying a prefer so you need to understand that if you're not going to take the income if you don't need the income you should buy it at all you don't need are they should be bought for income income purposes only you never dollar cost averaging in a preferred I should say never generally by the time you get around a dollar cost averaging down the you know the the you're getting closer to the call date but you can dollar cost average average down a preferred we got to be careful about doing that I generally don't like to do that just by whatever you can buy it leave it alone but I would I would not buy a preferred unless you are planning on using the income a drawing the income out so mercy help that hopefully that helps you I'm somebody is asking me good morning I dared should I change my account from TD Ameritrade each trade no not yet you should you will you later do that I may be making a call for everybody to do it I may be making a call for everybody that has a TD Ameritrade to change our account just something else are we we don't know I don't know yet I won't know for a little bit exactly how the ideology of Charles Schwab is going to impact white we have come to know if you have any tea TD Ameritrade account I don't know how that's going to pan out but I would tell all I the C. L. R. Charles Robb that he's in for a rude awakening causes a lot of people going to be changing like thousands and thousands of people pulling their money out if that idea ology continues to balance I. T. R. Charles Robb is a are driven by ideology and political correctness are far more than anything else now if they heard me say that which somebody the works of Charles Schwab is hearing that and and grabbing their chest and having a heart attack saying this guy's out of his mind well maybe they have a watch the same things I've watched them do as a result of their desire first and foremost to be politically correct second to yeah why the last would consider socially conscious and third by your sheer blinders and an ability to look at certain things are because of that and I just say something else about that with that particular company for what it's worse I have not ever been wrong about that with that company and I pointed out can't list countless examples and I proved to be right every single time so we by the grace of god but we'll see what what happens I it is why that stock would never be all my by let I you know a lot of people are using different platforms to invest their money they're booking responsible you don't own Charles Robb when you buy you know X. Y. Z. company in your trunk Charles Robb again unless you buy Charles Schwab stock you don't own them and that's why we can still use them as a platform but if you wanna bite Israel fund forget about it six ten three six three day perpetually lied and deceived people about Timothy plan saying that they're closed end funds I used to say all the time Timothy is never had a closed end fund which is true and I never will our day closing a find yes and I don't even like the word close because you're technically not closing it they're technically taking the assets and are moving it over to their international fund that would be their emerging market fund they're taking the position in their international fund in an effort to be even more diversified in that international fund by putting the emerging markets in that it's very different to closing the fund or having a closed end fund but that's what they say because they don't have the guts to say to people well we don't support their ideology so we don't we we don't have their phones on our platform so anyway yeah I I suspect we'll see more of that band I wouldn't do it quite yet all right let me go to Mike from Virginia I might Hey that are you good I don't hear you all talk about rental property and I would just kind of wanting to see what your thoughts whirled rental properties you had a model look like what percent of your portfolio you should kind of use for rental property investment back so I talk about it all fairly often because I talk about it when people have questions about it we have so many people to call their own rental properties and you know ask me about it I like rental properties I will say this what I always say about rental properties you're never going to all in a stock portfolio I should say never who knows what could happen but in a very unlikely that is going to produce the same consistent income on a regular basis the as rental properties what I don't if there's only one thing I don't like about him and that's it that is I wouldn't want people to own rental properties for the appreciation of the value of that rental property I think the days of the eighties and nineties of appreciation are gone are long gone as far as percentages go for four wheel are for residential real estate rental properties but I don't think there's anything better to be building an income portfolio then every rental properties in them by you've got to know the risk and I think the risk of very small first of all you got to have the temperament the understanding that you're gonna be okay do you want to be a landlord you're okay with that and you know a little bit about that and have the abilities to handle that properly or willing to pay the twenty percent commission which is nothing wrong with it but paying the twenty percent commission for having somebody else handle the day to day things of of of a rental property I think that it's it's a fine it's a fine investment from an income perspective are so I would say that the risk is whenever you have a rental property for income you have to understand that the rental property is only as good as your ability to carry out carry it when you don't have a tenant in there and if you don't have a tenant in there and if you don't have a tenant you can't pay the taxes where the debt service if you have debt service and you're working to pay it off you can't carry the taxes insurance and that service then you shouldn't have it you should have because that's a recipe for maybe potential disaster in a severe downturn but that's the only race Johnny rescue I mean you have liability rest for you can you can transfer transfer that risk to.

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