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State of wisconsin you can and cannot do you want to play sports in your a convicted felon that's just fide commit armed robberies while you're out a basketball team that's just fine but god forbid the got too many practices that's real real bad on a semi related note the story today's newspaper about the ongoing problems that the state high school sports association is having with regard to this problem of asked competitive parretti and competitive balance the problem is this in the major sports we divide stay championships ended a visions in football i think they're seven and basketball what are they up to now five division one division twodivision threedivision four divisions five what's happening is a lot of the really small rural schools it out say wisconsin say they have no chance right now they don't want to come out and say what the problem is but here's what they say here's what the problem is this a lot of schools of the milwaukee area that don't have a high enrollment that are really really good and they're kicking their tail clearly who's the racial under current to this topic many of these schools happened to have some fairly talented african american athletes and some of these smaller farm could schools dole think they compete against those kids and in fact the cad some of those schools are swallowed robertson milwaukee do indeed walk all over schools of similar enrollment from out state wisconsin but here's the thing that makes the attempts to do what do you think about this problematic some schools with lowered role months in milwaukee with primarily african american kids are just as bad as some of these rural schools the problem is this the kids go to whatever school that they want so you might have won milwaukee school of law enrollment but does it have very very talented kids at all but another school of law enrollment.

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