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Those days it tells a different story most years since two thousand thirteen those days have seen mainly quite considerable losses. But then again it's like it's all about those ten days then so it's not really. I mean it's still kind of agreement. You're saying it's just more about. It's not like this. Get Rich quick scheme some headlines and Click Bait will allow you to believe. And here's the problem and first off right great great post. Thank you for writing that out and explaining that. I think that's a really really relevant topic to have its own conversation about and here's the thing. Here's here's what we're all fortunate to do is Fred has promised me that he's GonNa come on Bitcoin radio very soon and maybe as soon as this week. So Fried I. I did see that you message me. I have not responded to you and I will But but me in federal have this conversation Jimmy V. Onto because I think you'll have a lot of honest questions for him but it goes to show that bitcoin its survival is not the question. It's how much money am I gonNA make. That's the question that everybody is really asking when they're talking about bitcoin. Going to die or not right so you know who is really a fall here. Is it the people who are Bitcoin who wanted to go up. Are they bat. Are they wrong for talking about it. Like it's GonNa keep going up. No they're not. They believe that I mean if they're honest if they're not being shady about things And they mean and they mean Things honestly when they say them to you You know intense everything But reality is reality. And the if you're a bear which most of my friends are bears because most of them are traitors because that's how they've had to survive this space you know it it. It sucks Kahad Lert. Because you'RE GONNA lose until you win and that's why if you watch how I pose when Bitcoin goes up from seven Thousand Dollars Hits Eleven K and you hear me San Ha ha. You're the idiot. I hope you were short. I hope you got wrecked to. Actually I don't really hope that for anybody whether you're short. That's not my goal here but when I get really excited I'm like bom is because everybody thought it was going to keep going down and they don't realize the gains come and they come quickly and the same way that that frejus referenced. We saw that we saw a what was a four hundred percent gain in one calendar. Are we going to be one day at one point of just a month ago go or so and I mean it is what it is by the way E cannot time. That's a great point is if you think you know you're the idiot if you think you know or or potentially you're the whale either way You still might get wrecked but I read all the charts. Don't lie so I don't know people say they can time it. Okay well Mr Charleston lie. You said if you're if you are that person you're not worried about trading anymore. You know what you're doing you're drinking your Bahama drink on the shores of some Caribbean beautiful country looking out at the sea. Not Worried about your computer. Not Worry about nothing. You just stack in sats and Drinking Bahamas. Because that's all I'd be doing the office space again. The guy at the red stapler the ended the most what what a what a superstar Bro. The most unsuspecting the guy who didn't even have a job he literally just like my in my paycheck still getting treated like shit even on the island at the end so it goes but if you think about it he obviously had a plan yes yeah he had a plan and so the most the more unsuspecting. Here's the do's probably like really freaking cool in real life right but the dumber he looks to everybody the more you take advantage of them and their strengthened. That underestimate him. Hey Fred I don't know Tom Lee personally. I would love to have him. If you have a connection with them. I would love to so feel free to reach out in on behalf of mayor. Connect me And that goes for anybody else who has an awesome person. Who needs to be on the show me? Jim Are always looking forward to to having a great gas in. This eventually is going to be a Colin show. Like where we're going to have thirty minutes where you have five minutes on the Mike and Whoever's watching is able to be like Yo Joe Jim your idiots. This is what we think. This is what I take. Hey Joe take your shirt off. No well why not. Oh because I'm I'm not taking. Why shirt off right? I don't know why I'm having a conversation myself at this point putting on chapstick says the second thing you into is. They're always going to be like Joe. Take your shirt off. Because I'm always like no please giant claim here. Our you want me to take my shirt off and for the record. I'm not the type of guy that actually I want to take your shirt off if that's what it appears as it's been a minute since I been gem so people always requesting it though Baz says is. Is this how the show works. Both of you co hosting that is correct on the live cast. Jim was on last The last podcast I was onto but I would like to think that in the future this is going to be alive morning. Show midday show whatever ends up being and And that means they will be hosting it kind of like a morning show or I. I'm referencing a the morning show kind of personality with WHO knows maybe Baz. We'll have you on at some point soon again. Thank you thank you look you. That's your that's that's another. You're starting to become famous gem again never net is all part of the plan. uh-huh okay let me ask you a question. Yes a year from now. Yeah if we blow up what if we are like like Handing out awards like as a tandem comedy tandem on some major some major stage for crypto awards. Yeah we'll do like who's on first bit. WHO's on first BITCOIN? So just like if we get that famous at some point. I'm GonNa make sure Jimmy Fallon. Lynn walks out as me is Jesus. We can't get through an episode without talking about how hold on hold on. This is actually my fault. I've got us on the close ups tonight right. Jimmy Fallon has like this go. Jimmy Fallon is hanging out with Jim Scam Bowling. I am so proud every time. Am I get to see how cool I don't know. Jim is a humongous humongous. Jimmy Fallon Fan like now. I explain this every time there's layers to me. If I have them as my background it means that I don't like I know I'm complicated. What can I say? I just don't believe believe you goof is that he's the worst that's always the background. I like a shirt. What is your shirt saying? It's like normal guy and then it's like please hausners Hausner. I'll I'll give you a beer. Have you ever seen the movie. Shaun of the dead. I have yes. Is that Sean on the far you're right. My left seen the movie hot fuzz. Of course arse and the the movie world's end I have not those three movies are the Coronado trilogy and that's each which flavor of the Coronado. There's the red flavor of the Blue Flavor and the green flavor. They're all so I'm assuming my my left. Your right is that's GonNa be Shaun of the dead and and then hot fries in the middle and obviously the police and then What's world's ends the world's end? Yeah that's he's holding a pint because the world's end the movie story storyline it falls pub crawl fair enough all right. Well I know we are on. I know people have seen them or not but check them out. Simon Pegg the Coronado trilogy. No I mean I have seen hot fuzz and Shaun of the dead were shot of the dice hilarious. I mean I've only seen probably like fifty times because it came on. Hbo For Awhile. or or wherever was and I just turn on fall asleep too so I've seen probably parts of it but I know the entire movie what's up Jordan. Welcome to the show where we are just signing off off Fred. Thanks for your participation. I can't wait to have you actually on the show Baz as always dude. I'm grateful for not just your friendship but also your influence on my crypto experience in life And everybody else said Chelsea was watching one of the newest mods the appreciate it probably feels like. It's her duty to be watching when you don't have to but I appreciate you actually watching for those other twelve people that are watching at the moment as we as we wind it down Feel free to make sure you make comments comments and let us you're watching so Baz with Joe Black Rookie Card again. I appreciate that Jim what we miss van. I think we covered it. There's one thing I wanted to hit on that I I do right now on my show. Jimmy Dot Com. We running toy drive where we try to get tots. TURNT turnt turned up. We're trying to make things. Not Yeah you know you do toys for tots we talked we make sure. You're not insinuating adding that that like the turnt that mean you might get on. Bourbon Street is okay. Yeah just making sure your vegas boy now from Boston. I mean that's kind of a weird mix so you just never know just getting the taunts turn for the holidays so we are accepting donations. This is on the up and up. We've done it the past four years years. I've pictures and stuff pictures on my side of us. We go and buy a bunch of toys. We donate 'em to underprivileged kids so if that's something you think is cool even a buck or something helps. It's much appreciated absolutely Jordan just because I thought of this joke. Wait that's what she said your shirt. You'RE GONNA leave it at that a joke us now. He's doing it at home. I got something real to say. I guess the real say obviously Jim. I'm very Fond of you as a friend and as a CO host and so I definitely want tot start to be a success. Do you bickering now. Not Currently Elaine. I gotta get that fixed okay. So that was the wrong answer by the way. So when you get to the podcast tomorrow edit that part out and maybe you could just record yourself saying I'll have that Address for you next week yet would be more appropriate answer. Yeah we'll have that set up next week okay. Cool all right so as we as we bleed into the end of the month as Christmas ms comes it comes out. That's probably a weird way to say that Christmas is coming as we bleed into the end of the month but You know there's obviously a lot of different things that you can do. Jim has a few experiences. May We'll talk about that. You know on the next podcast next live cast. Maybe we'll do one Maybe we'll even do a Friday. Pipe live cast some point you know. I think it's It'd be fun to make sure that we have content out there for people. Listen to I enjoy listening to my own show afterwards. I don't know if that's Narcisse narcissistic or if that's weird of me of anywhere that's a good thing. You WanNa make a show that at least you like so I mean. I appears at least as we usually converse after the show and nephew edit that you know we go back and forth and give each other some some awesome pointers to it but you also enjoy it as I do so if you would like to to give us any feedback. We're always open. If you want to be on the show let us know we wanNA have you honestly. I don't get Braille. Finally joined about time Oxford boy wake up son or maybe you just did. Because is your party. Or I don't know but until next time there'd be this is your Manjo Blackburn. I'm joined my co host and dear friend Mr Jam Scam Paulie. WHAT'S UP GEM? Saddest gotTA stop rather well people you know the bid gotta the cryptovest curved. I love doing this to him at some point. He's just going to get it. Jesus like I'm I'm saw stop like Joe Blackburn. The cryptovest belongs to all of us. We know we're laureate. Where do you do on people till next time? I'm tell next time the cryptovest belongs to all of us. See you soon..

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