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Stretch here where we've seen improvement Underdog Renato skepticism from fans, which I guess you'd say is credible, they would say, Well, wait till they start playing the top teams in the division again. Um, and against Washington. They didn't look out of place in any manner. You're right. It was just a couple of goals that you'd like Dustin Tocar ski to stop. So I guess again. It's one game here against the first place team Washington, But I guess I would say that that's a good sign that we still saw some of the good things. Um, like the young defenseman getting involved in the offense like stage Thompson and Casey Mittelstand, Rasmus aspirin winning battles Going to the Net like these are some of the trends that we've been hoping to see from this team all year. And the fact that it's happening from this young group and guys Paul Paul that I definitely will admit that I had written off. I didn't think th Thompson nor Casey Middle Stat was going to be all a part of what I would consider to be quote the solution going forward. Maybe they're both can be, And it's also things that we're hearing from them maturity going to the Net, like these air also pieces that I would have never put on their resume in terms of like things that I think about when they're playing hockey like they're even doing things that for the most part we haven't seen from them before. So that's a good thing, Middle stat. Continues to when we hear from him after games sound like he has had a I don't. I don't know if it's a coming to Jesus moment they call it are, you know, seeing the light or whatever. Like he, he just sounds so much more mature. His approach. Paul is professional now. Yeah, he does. And that's why I just would get frustrated with fans. You know that the knee jerk reaction. Darlene's a bust. Darwin's not 26 years old. I mean, Darlene just needs some time and needed to have a coach That could show him the way and that type of thing and to say, just because he was playing horrible hockey, and he was He's a bus trade. Um, get rid of him. Send him to Rochester and barium. They were idiots for drafting him and all that kind of stuff. But middle stats a little bit older. And he's been around a lot, and I went against my own advice there. How many times have you heard me? You say, you know, just relax. These guys were young. Some guys take longer. But I, too had pretty much given up on Casey Mittelstaedt. I did not think he was going to be part of the solution. And I thought he would probably spend the whole year in Rochester and he was going to be a first round bust. And teach. Thompson was getting there for me, too. I had quite reached that point with him, but he was getting there, too. So I actually went against my own advice on younger players, and some do take longer, and it's looking like at least right now. I mean, we were told by the other coach, a Casey Mills that will not never play center in the NHL. He's going to be a winner. He can't play center in the NHL. Yes. What PC mills that can play center in the NHL, and he just proven it in the X amount of game since Don Granado is taking over and he's been given that chance and why you were talking to. I was thinking about what we just discussed earlier how that didn't work when they had those optional skates. And as you spoke, I thought, Well, wait a minute. It did work for what he was going for. And that was the last game of the three out of 43 games in four nights, and for the back to back they did play better. In that last game in the back to back So it didn't. It worked horribly for Game two of the three game set and it did accomplish what they were trying to accomplish in Game three. They did play much, much better, and we're more well rested in Game three, so I'll go back to the same question. Did it work or didn't it? Yeah. I mean, I guess you'd say it did. I mean, I just thought of that, as you were talking about? Well, what was the purpose of doing that It was to get them, You know, being able T be able to play and get through those three games and four because the final game last time was a horror show. It was just awful well wasn't this time, So they were successful there, But just game too was a horrible game. That's right. Good point. I mean, and let's let's give Don Gaetano credit. He has Handled a very tough situation. Every coach this year has a tough situation in terms of how to balance the The morning skate. The optional skate the practice the mandatory practice the optional practice like Games are coming fast and furious. It seems like you're playing three and four nights and then you turn around. You do three and four nights again, like it just seems like that's just everything you end up having to do or you play five and eight. It just it seems like quite a bit. Of a of a tough stretch here, um so and even him the other night. Paul after the Devils game, he said, Maybe giving them the extra day off for the extra option wasn't a good idea and that I would do it differently next time like that's For a guy. That's what less than a month in for his first head coaching job to understand. He's also monitoring and adjusting like as we ask players to do tow asked the coach to do the same thing and the fact that he came out and admitted that right away and said, You know what? I would have handled it differently like Good for Granato. Um, you know, he's established NHL guy like you wouldn't think. Oh, he needs to mature as well. Like, well, he could He He did the monitor and adjust and learning from it sort of thing to which is, I guess all you ask of any player or coach. What he's got to figure out is all right the first time we did it. Games one and two were good. Game three was awful. Second time we did it different games One and three were good game, too, was awful. So now he's got to figure out. How do we What can we do to make all three games? Good. You know, he's done it two different ways and a different game has been the bad game. So now he's got it figure out a way where you know they can be ready for all three of those games. Paul Hamilton here with me. Brian Cole seal on our Paul William belts, pregame show savers today in Philadelphia to take on the.

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