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The mongols intimidation by fear and terror had begun to steadily win them converts from the jin. It is estimated by the end of twelve fourteen. There were forty six jin military divisions fighting for the mongols by the time most of the jin dynasty was under the control by that time rather most of the jin dynasty was under the control of the mongols in the summer of twelve fifteen joan do fell whether by force or a deal it is not clear. The emperor apparently fled and the jin established their new capital at kaifeng in honan province. Some seven hundred miles south of john do remember chi fung had been the capital under the sun dynasty before being pushed out by the jin. The fall of do is considered by many to be to be the beginning of mongol domination of china contemporary travelers to joan do saw the devastation left by the mongols they described mountains and mountains of bones could be seen all around jong do. The ground was described as greasy from human fat and by the year twelve fifteen. The jin empire verged on collapse events however were unfolding far from china in turkistan those events. 'cause gingas kahn. To delay his china offensive he would then send the bulk of the mongol resources to the west for the next several years during the interregnum however jin china still remained. A theater of war and the casualties continued to climb. The mongols would be back to china for sure in twelve nineteen. Genghis khan invited. The choir is them empire over attack and murder in the empire of several members of a mongol trade envoy. The muslim empire spanned central asia and stretched from afghanistan. Iran and the caspian sea. Much of the silk road ran through the empire. The mongols finally captured samarkand in the year. Twelve twenty and other key cities by twelve twenty one while the mongolian military forces in nearly twelve twenty s were toiling in central and western asia. The reconnaissance missions into georgia and eastern europe would eventually bring much larger mongol military forces several years later in their exploits in georgia and eastern europe. The mongols would receive their moniker horsemen of the devil. One of the requirements of people subjugated by the mung mongols was to provide auxiliary troops and support when gingas. Kahn left the gin in china for his courtroom campaign. he requested the shisha help with auxiliaries. They however did not provide it gingas kahn and for that matter. The mongols could not tolerate the refusal gingas interpreted the refusal as a threat to his military so after the invasion of course the courtroom empire gingas had to go back to shia she saw in the year. Twelve twenty three penalize them for their refusal the shisha or the tugboats were given a chance to redeem and account for themselves but that was all destroyed when the toggles signed a peace treaty with the jin dynasty and twelve twenty five wore now was inevitable.

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