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Eagles kick a sixty one yard or to win it and you might say well you never say never you're right may still got thirteen games to go over the oaks fourteen weeks the nfl regularseason surround of ways to go however history is not on the giants side the giants also have to divisional losses not so good and he got the redskins or after their victory last night over the raiders were two and one and you've got the philadelphia eagles now or a two and one of football team with chewed visual wins and he got the cowboys tonight to go and on the road in arizona ticket on the cardinals looking for their second win of the season covered off a bad performance last week at the end denver against the broncos giants at every opportunity to win this game on sunday every opportunity bad penalties are manning or bed penalties i should say on eli apple uh two interceptions by manning missed opportunity end of the first half with the goal ago situation um and the defense was handily and judo ores jenkins was honest after the game that in as the the defense even though they were on the field a lot and were exhausted at the end of the game and it was a hot day in philadelphia just as it was here in the northeast the defense they do their job did not do their job when he needed them to do their job you throw in the bed punt by bread wing 28 go order that gave the eagles the ball back of their own 38 yard line with an opportunity a remote but still an opportunity to get themselves back into field goal range which they did and they one i know brenda marshall said after the game will be all right i don't know if they will do know this i mean they're very dire straits right now they have to win next week in tampa to give themselves a little bit a life to get themselves back into it but for all intents and purposes it's it's easy to say the giants season of relevance in all likelihood probably ended yesterday in philadelphia biz historically speaking it is the rare team that comes back from an olympic restart 515 malicious with you will get into a jets football's jets football and your calls will do that next eight seven seven three three seven 66 66 we've reached at the point where.

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