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To go for a lifestyle does he wanna live in la on to be a movie star down the road this you want to win more championships what what what is going to make him take a family consideration but boy you gotta go hard after this guy and i'm not i don't know that they'll get him i mean he may look at dolan in new york and go what a mess why do i want to get involved in their why do i want to cap off my career at madison square garden where you know great players go to die basically the boy throw the kitchen sink adam if you can all right let's go to mike in east rockaway you're on the fan michael good morning rich happy memorial day and everything talking to friends yesterday about lebron that much more we can do what he's already done i've seen a lot through my years adopted j at the coliseum rick barry and all the greats michael jordan but i don't know if the knicks really be appealing to him because what a mess like you said rich who knows what direction is gonna go but phenomenal just beyond normalcy no a little bit about the yankees and the mets longtime metropolitan fan and and speaking of mess you know it's it's just you don't know what's going to happen the true test is for any team is a dog as a somber let's see how the pinch is what i'm rooting for him i mean phenomenal youngsters just phenomenal with the hopes maybe they can pick pick up another arm.

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