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Is pretty cool to see what would you say are the top values that you hope to instill in your kids as they grow up by the way before answer that I gotta I gotTa tell you my youngest is a daredevil and So when I was eighteen I dove off cliffs, we did cliff diving. We're riding their bicycles across the United States I hated that but I remember taking my son a few years ago the Atlantis and he's going down dead man's dive I'm like, do I have to do this because I'm a father do I have to do this? You know. So so there are things that and one other thing is my my youngest son is a tremendous technical wizard and I'm not he got my father's engineering gene which missed me. So he runs my TV studio I can't believe it I'm so happy about that I go Sam Sam help held. Very cool. Did you did you end up doing the jumper now? Yeah. It was one of the roughest moments. Yeah, and then they made me go. Yes. I did the job. Then they made me cough in a helicopter one time to film to fill to do a filming shoot and I'm like how long is this going to be? They said seven minutes and it was the longest seven minutes of my life. You're daredevil not me you're the daredevils. What would you say the values that you hope to instill in the kids as they grown up? Independence is number. One honesty is number two because there's so much dishonesty in our society if you can teach kids to be honest. So it's independence honesty and caring. You know put other people be aside from yourself. A can't always be about you isn't that boring people that are always about themselves. So it's independence integrity and caring. Yeah. Dale Carnegie One Center. If you talk to somebody about themselves, they'll listen all day long. It's a better way to turn a conversation. Me Jump into your book here, covert the politics of fear and the power of science. Why did you write the book and what separates it from the other Kobe books that are out there it's because of the fear factor I wanted people to understand the following point because I've written a previous fear book. I don't know if was covered saying I can't write the fear Rangel because everyone's going to think I'm deep diminishing the actual covert angle, which is pretty frequent scary. But then I thought of something I thought the worst virus the more of a threat the more the fear level is going to go up the more you're over going over personalized the risk. So it's a narrative series of stories cove it is my book is about stories that occur that teach me how to guide myself through the fear and come out the other side. My father and mother played very crucial part in that because they're actually alive in the mid nineties and I have a series of stories. In there called the port stories with their sitting in their old porch where I grew up and I visit them physically distancing they're wearing masks and they teach me things things I didn't know this is your point. What are you learn that you didn't know his one my father got over cove in nineteen himself in his nineties and has cardiologists gave him hydroxy chloroquine and he thought he was laughing at it. Well, I don't think that's what helped me meanwhile a few years later a few weeks later he got antibodies that showed he had actually had covert and my mother to, and now months later he's convinced it was the hydroxy so he says to me on the porch. Whatever happened to this drug I said, well, people don't believe it works science didn't show it works and he says at ninety seven to how when did they give it in the hospital or when people were first getting sick like me and I said Dad you're right they're not giving it. When people I getting sick they didn't studied it in the right in the right time, and so I learned from my father had a look at things in. A higher perspective and then same as I'm trying to teach my children. And then my father says to me by the way mark did you know that in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, six, took the swine flu vaccine and I got very sick and I don't think my memory has been the safe same sense I said no, I never knew that and he said. What about this vaccine and he said there's a big difference I said, what's the difference? He said this time there actually is a disease and it's very dangerous and it's very threatening and it's called covert. He said, I, really hate all the fearmongering going on about this vaccine this vaccine would take. Of course, he probably doesn't need it because he has the antibodies already this vaccine I would take one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six was ridiculous and then there's my mother on the porch. My mother said, do you know who uncle Leonard was and I said? No, I never heard of uncle she said, I had a brother. I said, we're really whatever happened to me never heard of him, my mother's ninety, ninety five and I never heard about a brother. She said when her brother was eight years before she was born and she never met him either because at nine months of age he had two severe ear infections and they needed to drain his ears for him to survive but they couldn't do it because the hospitals were filled with a killer pandemic virus known as the Spanish flu. This was nineteen eighteen and she cautions at ninety five. Let's not let that happen again and it is happening too. Many too many medical procedures and interventions are being overlooked because of people clogging the emergency rooms from covert nineteen. So we can learn lessons.

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