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On i ninety near ellensburg friday evening komos joe marino has this report alsunna turner the slush and nobody knows what to do and latest start to slide and they're gone vehicle is down for the count who'd was stalled out injured the tow truck operator brandon high says he's but polling cards at a snowbanks through the challenging weather from call me pass snow and slush made i ninety travel unpredictable it got so bad that alexis blake's decided to pull off and wait it out for you hall and trailer got stuck in a snow braman anyway she says the weather got the best of her i would say that severe but you should definitely have your wits about you i saw people don't like eighty now it i wasn't comfortable with a slow way down all the signs don't be hurry guinea work as soon as you hurry that's when you're gonna have an accident it's kromah's dole marino reporting twenty four seven news but if you want when you want it on komo news i'm paul jackson twenty eight seven down the second quarter too much until the climb of the huskies lost a penn state if you have to bowl 35 228 wrapping up the year at ten in three jake grounding through for a one hundred seventy five yards a score miles gaskin now yards rushing and two touchdowns huskies men's basketball wrapping up two thousand seventeen in southern california against ucla 5 o'clock with a tip off 430 courtside show washington has won four straight sports at 10 and 40 past the hour on the home of the huskies i'm dave lewis komo news if you could get rewarded for sleeping would you what about for sitting on a bench looking out at the ocean or for sit in a company chair watching football on tv guess what that their dream job is real thanks the buffalo wild you can come in watched football and earn points would blazing rewards just for boom there that's right europe factional football fan now brag about.

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