Norfolk, Smyrna, Cnn Center discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard


God there they were all equally memorable because every one of them had their own a different set of confrontations and i still say that when we do that when we do d acts and we are we do this invasion thing man there's so many great stories but we had the cops call honest we got surrounded at the the very first one in norfolk and and we had our own battles there at the one in smyrna is where they call nine one one in the screen that we are being attacked a with weapons at the front door and we had the entire smyrna police department show up at the one in cnn center was she has a great story of how i kept the crew there and uh we requested to see ted turner and actually got all the turner employees on camera doing the dax chops and things like that there is a uh will sidebar when we went to the office in smyrna georgia there is a sign on the grass in says no trespassing in no solicitors will rhode dog jumps off the tank in runs up to the sign ince's what exactly does this say here i don't understand is this is this french no trespasser an and we just kinda goofed on it but was shot it right so win the lawsuit came about when w cw ceuta us we were sued wc w i was in a deposition and they asked me they said well did you guys uh ios trespass and som.

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