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Alright guys. Welcome back to the show our two at the midpoint of the show Gar Ryan as the batting stance Guy gave us some baseball cards. I love it. He always comes with treats. He gave the whole crew cards. I love it. And he always comes with treats Just fantastic and talk to him. That was a 22 minute segment of radio and it felt like I don't know. Five minutes. Hey, if you like what we do on the show, we have podcast called view from the cheap seats and we also starting a patreon Sklar brothers, go to patreon dot com Search school are brothers Watch us on America's got talent tonight as we do Stand up, But the thing the thing I want to share about our patreon is that we are going to be doing a new episodes of cheap seats. Yeah, if you love the shoes Cheap seats where we would watch old weird footage. We are scouring the Internet for crazy footage. The first one we're going to do is about a what was it like an underground slap fight? Have you seen those slap fights? Where guys Just slap the hell out of each other? And women? Yes, do it to each other. But like the just the line up the slap, because the moment where you lying up crowd Chance 123, but the first You're about to slap someone open handed across the face, but there's a moment really, they touch face. I'm so intimate that might be more intimate than most marriages. Right? That's so good. It's gorgeous. So that's gonna be our first one. So that's at patreon dot com. Search Sklar brothers and you can get and you can find and be a part of that, As we talked with data bank a little bit about football and the NFL and landing spots for I wondered if Things will work out with Dak Prescott. Could Jerry Jones make a play for Aaron Rodgers? I don't know. Well, the beauty is that we have a pipeline to Jerry Jones. And he is on the line right now. And I wonder what he's doing in this offseason and this time right now, So, Mr Jones, how are you, sir? Are you there? Yes, I'm doing just that. I want to just briefly address up. You said you have a pipeline to me. In fact, I have several pipelines running under the stadium have contracts with oil companies, gas companies, and Elon Musk is sending a kind of a laser electron thing going through there. So we got all kinds of good to know. Good to know that you have and good to know that you have a connection with the Elon musk. Would you ever go up into space if Elon musk Mars if Obama said, I want to send Jerry Jerry Jones up into space. Would you be like, Sure, I'll go as as long as the bar back billionaire Mark Cuban is nowhere to be found. And I know you don't like him. I'd be happy to be there to be a fire removed from his presence. Right? I agree. Well, it's like dark Vader. I feel it when he's around, was there What? It's like Darth Vader. You have a difficult time breathing. Uh, was there schadenfreude at all in the way that now they have built a good team. They have a superstar on their team, but in the way That the Mavericks because I know you don't like Mark Cuban in the way that the Mavericks kind of dropped out doubt flamed out a little bit in the playoffs when it looked like they were going to beat the Clippers. Well, this is this is something I predicted years and years ago, I said from the beginning that Mr Cuban wasn't fraud, and in fact, I had my own audit of him, and he was more of a fraud. It in reverse realized that the numbers he was cooking up over there didn't line up. Okay when he put up American Airlines Arrange. For instance, that was highly leveraged against the the rodeo Down there in Mesquite. He had a couple of cattle. He was turning them upside down, you know, flipping them. You know how? Yeah, Time up houses time He was flipping. He was flipping bones. Okay, and it was and it was a lot of bowl and now the chickens are coming home to roost on the bulls, and it's all Hell and high water is falling apart. All right, so so, So let's talk about the Cowboys in the upcoming year. Let's give it over to the team that matters in Dallas, American American Steve are. Will the Cowboys talk to me Because you're in a division that is, let's just say it's it's downtown. I don't think the Eagles are going to be any great shakes, although I do like their quarterback, But I don't think the Eagles are going to be that great. I don't think the Redskins are going to do too much. Redskins. You mean the Washington football team? Sorry, the Washington football team and then I can we make How can we make very clear Which one of you said they have to say that? I know that was Randy. I apologize. And then I don't think the Giants are guess what you've been cancelled. Thank you Final. That was a mistake, but fine. I do. I just I'm just glad it's view of the one and not the half. I apologize. It is the Washington football team. But I don't think that any of the I actually think the Dallas has the best chance right now to win the division at seven and nine. Am I right? Eight and eight. Everything that you're saying right now is absolutely music to my ears. I was out on the pontoon with Jeannie. Right now, we'd be dancing on the There You go. By the way, she's out there and she has masculine just for those who would be curious. Good tonight. You know, whatever she wants to do I myself by the way. Um, yes, I do think we will win the division. I think we will win. Seven and nine. We don't need 88 this year. In the past, we needed eight and eight. We can drop one like you know, you can drop a quarterback or every sure and still still be all right. But But I do want to say this. I just jumped over. Sorry for the same way. But okay, you know, talking about masks and all that. Yeah. You didn't bring that man out there right now, who I would like to directly address up. I think I know it is. All I know you're out there. I know you can hear me. I've tried to call you on the Jericho line. Haven't responded, Okay, but special mind and now that I'm sending out the signal right now, Okay. Come home. Come come back to Daddy. Okay, So you want him to come back because coal basically, I mean, he was a great position the very definition of possession receiver. But what if he gets covid? I mean, he's saying I'm not going to get vaccinated. Is there a plan if for the players who don't want to get vaccinated? Is there a Jerry Jones plan to vaccinate These players. Once again, I will. It's amazing how many times I'm going to compliment you. I'm getting uncomfortable action, But, yeah, all right. You are right on point. Not only is there a plan, there's a product and you know where there's a plan. There's always a product with Jerry. There is there's always a product with every plan. Sure, well, I've been talking with government forces from Mexico to Iceland. Mhm and we've been working on something. It's really special. I think it's one of the most special things I've seen. Frankly, since Gatorade. It's called Jared. Use Jerry Juice. Yes, Yeah, Media's Yeah, we only accept it's I I was going to call it my journey. But the modern people of Jenna is not a bad plan right there, Right. Well, we're going to figure that out in court. Maybe you'll go back to that. But nonetheless, it's a fully effective I mean, and we're talking 100 and 10%. Efficacy, not only against Covid. It also takes care of, you know, tummy eggs and those kinds of problems. Minor headache. You're all it's kind of. It's kind of a cure All okay, good. Now. Now. Now, listen. Now, let me just qualify. Don't want to expose myself to liability here. But I will tell you that those results are based on tests testing things that I've done with my own son..

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