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Chicago bears right. I don't know how it hasn't already I don't actually know how that one shoe hasn't just spend my screw this and walk away from the other show. I don't know how this is happening. Okay. So if you missed it the bears were victorious. They advanced foreign one Tampa Bay falls to three two and the Brady washed rumors might have a little bit of substance to it and you really hate to see you really hate to see the temper tantrums and the tablet tossing on the sidelines refusing to meet with Nick foles you might hate it. You hate to see it like. A tally of how many times I said your tears are so salty warm Ho. The Tom Brady was sad he might be done. He might be finished time. Maybe, one too many heads. You know I think Dan Marino said it best you know play until you think you're done and then play one more year is the one more year with with Tom Brady I don't expect him to play an age forty four season. If the age forty-three season continues to go down this path major league baseball we have. A couple of teams punching their ticket into the league championship series. In the National League the Atlanta Braves shut out the MARLINS and they swept them Los Angeles dodgers and San Diego, padres They're still finishing things up here in game three. But I suspect that we will be talking about the dodgers, Braves and lcs before the show is done NBA finals kicked off on Wednesday I got jared Phillips joining me in our to to discuss the upcoming events of the NFL weekend. She's General Jeff. It's all territory. It's sports overnight America? You listen to the sports byline broadcast network and we'll be right back. Hey travelers do you want to save money on your next flight? Then pick up the phone and call that's right call because the best prices are not online they're with smartfares. See smartfares has special deals with the airlines. 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Thirty eight seconds of good football. All right everybody. Welcome in it is fouled her to hurry. You're on sports overnight America Jenna Jeffords with you from Phoenix Arizona Fall on social media at what's up riches at Jeff rich talks. Check out the website jeff rich talks dot com for archive shows tickets out odd sports, overnight, America or pardon me sports byline dot. com. That's how you get the livestream of the network, twenty, four, seven, and Jan.. Foreign one Chicago bears. Mitchell trubisky. Cutting it they did take the loss. A we go in there are back here and It's It's something else. It's something else because you don't understand how they're doing it. Their defense looks great uncertain plays and just lost on others their offense. I mean you you hear it all the time Jen. If you have two quarterbacks, you have you truly have zero quarterbacks and. I mean I I was a big trubisky fan. I thought that this was the year of the renaissance of Mitchell trubisky. You I'm not seeing Nick foles aw, you know play his way into having the starting job forever it was just kind of stop the bleeding I guess a little bit with your bisky. Even though they were. Three and one with them or or two. So they were very unconvincing to going into the game with the Falcons where trubisky got benched to put in foles. The two wins that they had, as you know against the Lions which they won at the last second because trubisky outstanding second-half. Okay. I give him that the giants. We've outstanding first half not so much the second. And then he started against the Falcons and got pulled I think before the half because that was a really really ugly game there that Nick foles brought them back to beat the Falcons. That is because the falcons kind of gave up a little bit there towards the end. I'm watching the Nick Foles as game goes down the stretch. It's nineteen seventeen I gonNA WANNA see new. England. Because the got grant because he got.

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