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Like palley felt like the paley fans saz and we were in the press line so we were like in front of all these professionals and we show up our scrub and like our eye bones to like dude like you interview videos these people and a big chunk of them like buying Who are these giacomo like. Did a whole scene with us he was. He's happy like he was so down to just be so fun. Cool so i like giacomo is like the ultimate love. Both really upcoming everyone. I mean i will say. I will say there were no limit. Admiral was gray. We haven't had any experiences like that. Ruins everything winning made us length than more. The would you guys say are the best seasons. Because i started watching grey's a few months ago and then i had to stop around season five because i was watching at a rapid pace right like i. I was clocking in like two season. It was it was i. I was alarming. Like she really until like a whole and she would be texted me at three in the morning. I'm still watching. And i can't turn it off. I fell into a dark hole. And i had to stop because i was like actually depressed and grey's anatomy was just making it so much worse i was like i think she was like really sad. I noticed myself with every new zealander the sun it was. it was turning sour fast. But i have. I i keep saying this that i have to get back into it because i feel like i'm going to better place now that maybe i can handle it again. But what do you guys are the best seasons. I mean those seasons that you watch are like julie was. He's in five but she said oh. My gosh yeah. She hasn't even got into light plane crash. Excuse plane crash. She hasn't even seen way. Tanya what did you say either. These excellent grades nominee. I started watching it. I never watched it until I remember the year obviously but it was it was. It was new year's eve and i didn't have plans. I remember very vividly. Was brad that debt and thirty first and i went home department and i on nearly by started watching from season one episode. One grey's anatomy and that will next day january i. I didn't stop until i was up to the current season. I think it was like eleven or something so for almost four months. I was antisocial. I was faced having back every other day crying. Because somebody has i've yup I didn't do anything. I just binged. Grades just to be caught up for four months. I was totally there with you. The it sucks you in. And like i'm proud of you for like pulling out of it and even yourself because i couldn't do it and was like not good for probably a my like social ills and my mental health. Because i just didn't do anything else. Exactly that's what was happening. Like people were highly concerned that i was crushing a cost. Two seasons in a week wants everyone was like whoa like you need to take it easy because it's also not like how tv now those early seasons like you watch. It's a new show on netflix. Or hulu or something and it's like ten to thirteen episodes. Those early seasons of grey's anatomy twenty one to twenty four every time episodes in. They're all our long love episode. But i'm going to get back to it. Because i obviously i want to get to the plane crash. I want to get to the other people. Dying shooting episodes modes. Oh my gosh. that's it is kinda funny. That and i guess to start landmarks. It's i ever gone to win. This person talks. I remember when i was younger. My mom used to watch grey's every thursday night Well she would record it thursday night and watch it on friday morning when my i was at work and she didn't work on fridays so some days. I would stay home from school. Because i'd be like oh what's this show. She's watching. I wanna see what's good. And i remember the shooting episode. I don't know why. I just lol door is a child. I remember i was like i gotta watch this show later on in life. Yeah absolutely but because you are no big bachelor bachelor fans or y'all what are your thoughts for this upcoming season. We know this. Because i will say and this is kind of a little grey's anatomy ask in the fact that like it was going for so long. Unfortunately what the pandemic like the way these scheduled everything there was no break like it when Like immediately back in the fall and then into the winter and then into matt like there was there was no inbetween. Where there's like. You got a couple of weeks where you're not watching so we do a live show called cutting stems every monday after the episode at ten pm live from our studio so like we were doing it for so long we were kinda getting a little bit of out and the last few weeks without it we were like. Wow this has just been a little refreshing pin now. We're like we're and now we know that it's going to were doing the same thing. Because it's going katie paradise and then michelle there. They doubled up on bachelorette seasons again so there isn't going to be the break in the fall again. It's just so like oh boy here comes here comes from. I'm always excited. Because it's just you know i will never get tired of the bachelor. Of course i mean we got excited every season. But i think on top of that there was like this really negative article that came out about this upcoming season that like kinda painted Teasha and caitlyn badly and made it seem like they can't do it without chris. Harrison remember the article on. Yeah yeah discourse around around this new season. They're just been like weird talks about what happened at on the show. I kid you not like we saw people being like. It's too much female energy. Yeah which is like ridiculous. I'm like a weird a narrative to put out there before the season even air being like the even know it wrote the article. So i think there was one on page six and maybe i e there was sources are saying that the male contestants felt like they missed out because they didn't that father figure and chris harrison that the energy between like tation caitlyn got competitive with katie because every it was like it it just seemed like such bullshit that the that those three women couldn't all have their show moments. It was like okay. I feel like that's a little farfetched. Yeah they created like this weird narrative around it like you said like katy couldn't fully shine to her full potential because tayshia caitlyn have big per se and so that takes away from katie or whatever and we were just kind of like why can't they all exist and these thirty men are crying about not having enough met. There's more men than women. There's thirty men. They're in like i mean their expectations for how they're gonna seek christner's was kinda skewed like some allied to them and left more like involved with the bachelor eloquent. The guy on the bachelor you'll see him in china. It's like the exactly. Yeah he goes. Yeah figure about. How do you look back on your time on on the bachelor i i mean i had the best time amount both seasons. I had the best on life. But i think i'm i'm really grateful to be able to say that 'cause i know some people don't really feel that way but I just glad. I went when he dead because i feel like it kind of even though i watched it i never watched him before i went on and i watch it now like every season but it would just be hard to go on and like fully embrace the experience without thinking about like. Am i going to happen. Followers to light be influence. Or after this. You know like i can. We didn't even talk about it or anything. Like when he got off us like oh cooling more people get to see my blurry weirdly filters you know what it was like at the time. Yeah the whole thing is very It's just it's different now. And i do think that there's been like i don't know if it's because claire what went what went down with clare all happened so quickly and then the response to that is like okay. People like all katie season is kind of like clair's like she. She ended earlier. Something who knows. It's all speculation at this point until we until we watch it but like you said the show's has changed a lot since When you're on it. And i think that like right now we're in such a evolution such a period of change for that show and like there's just so many conversations that are happening that need to happen and they're still trying to find where they belong. You know. I think they are trying to put their right foot forward. I mean it's a show that started when things were very different. So they're adjusting and I'm excited i'm excited. I love caitlyn.

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