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Go garbage time, spit a slop, take it, but you still how much you made genuinely meant everything to him everything too. I mean, everything's going ROY. Let's say that start to the season, this international break where you are, you are in that three you in that in that lead. Breakaway group from the Pella told as Serres Chelsea when you even mood you like to admit? Yeah, definitely. But I would what I'm really going to give him credits and I still think we're gonna struggling in some small teams playing football because people are just going to pack out against the bull and eating will not be fit the whole season. You see how he gets fouled. I mean, he was just hacked apart in this game again and without eating his odd, it's very tough to see this system working. We can we count and for the entire season in the Premier League. So I like it, I find entertaining. They're playing good football, and he gets the credit for making his ought of very, very, very happy man. But I would say between that and also dabid Louise and Ruediger a better team than Southampton punished. Chelsea for those defensive lapses. Okay, Fulham, one arsenal. Five also when the sixth straight rods, thanks to braces from Alexandra and Abacha Yang. That's a little double act. Page six, grim reaper, Aaron Ramsey also go on the school. She just thirty nine seconds of the coming off as a summit side is actually charge as owner who died Astle, overtake Spurs on goal difference an end to the Trump for the first time since December sixteen last year. Oh no. I can't believe this arsenal. They call my swagger back back. The fans screamed the infant away and we've got slow back also football club have not been this good since two thousand six when they were the Champions League finalists, and it's still machine to see them all ripple muscled again, it's it's, it's remarkable, it's I'm elated for also fun, but it is unleashing. It's like it's like Michael, Sarah got all muscle that we've absent PEX and made his debut is an action movie still what you make all David. It's a radical transformation. It is. It's really attractive football. It has a little bit of steel to it as well, which I like he's a very likable guy and also behind. Seems apparently quite hold on his players with McHugh loves like it. No easy feat a London. Darby. These London Dhabi's are really, really hard Fulham of going through a bit of a wobble right now, but still cranking cottage, a very, very tough place to go and just demolish humiliate humiliate eighteen with a lot of talent. Yeah, I do think you've hit the point is critical about this transformation. It's not just about change of tactics, change of personnel, but it's about I am rebuilding a culture of professionalism, positively, and that is taking place on the training ground day in day out most importantly and impressively to me giving that team the ability to whether a terrible start a brutal goal of games that we forgot about the Chelsea Manchester City star on those first two weekends, staying true, to course to fuel a potency, an intelligence, a confidence, adjectives, three potency Intel. Agence confidence that we've not associated with arsenal in a long, long time. I mean, qualities that were captured the personified. By that third goal against imbalance, full of move back line is even more susceptible to switch off than nationals own one away Ramsey fumed on the bench strolled onto the failed start and finished a move. Well, that I took the Welshman in the pool softly up the flank Beller in gymnastically flicked the ball forward Ramsey rose up to keep momentum going improvise nor that the head it was like, I've only ever seen that when we were in Rio on the beach. What Jin young children just keep the ball up Fellay the whole after noon. You don't associate it with bridge for bullet. He didn't it off to Mika. -tarian found Obama Yang. There on the left hand side..

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