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That already comply with them say it's not worth them back. Christopher Joyce NPR news. At the end of a dramatic week. Wall Street drifted between minor gains and losses today. The Dow closed down seventy six points, the NASDAQ closed up five points. This is NPR news in Washington. And this is KCRW Leary parole infrastructure. Take us on a Friday, December twenty eight the very good afternoon to you. Here's what's happening at three. Oh, four another caravan a Central American migrants preparing to travel north and this one could be much larger than the last group as KCRW's, Gerald sats. Been reports. These migrants are not making the US border their destination at least not right away without hundreds of migrants. From the last caravan languishing in Tijuana's, they wait out the length the asylum process. The new group is planning a shorter trip. According to the San Diego union Tribune organizers, say the migrants will initially stay in southern Mexico in Chiapas and Oaxaca. They estimate that fifteen thousand migrants from Honduras, El Salvador in Guatemala will join the new caravan the new Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Oberdorf has pledged visas and work for Central American migrants. He's planning billions of dollars in public works projects in the southern part of the country that will provide some of those. Those jobs factual several thousand bikers arrived at the US border in November President Trump deployed troops to help prevent them from entering the country. A handful of migrants have tried to cross into the US le- illegally. But most are staying in crowded shelters in two one is the way to make asylum claims the state of California will get a big chunk of a new settlement reached with Wells Fargo. It's all connected to revelations that the Bank opened millions of fake Bank and credit card accounts without customer's knowledge well today said it will pay five hundred seventy five million dollars. CEO? Tim Sloan says the deal shows the Bank is making a serious commitment to make things right. More than a quarter of the payout is coming to the bank's home state of California state. Attorney general heavier Sarah called the banks behavior disgraceful support for NPR comes from American universities kogo school of business committed to business being forced for meaningful change through graduate and undergraduate degrees, mission driven curriculum and a hands on approach. More kogo dot American dot EDU right now, Santa Monica..

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