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Well there's recent history i'm looking at large move adds long game wrecked just might run number three army versus frazier oh that's good backed up hosted beca extremely personable you remember are we actually apologize to frazier ya sinking and his numbers yet kick hires man is in your your your who are are you say nasty stuff again noam two nine number two now ransacked versus yankees yeah oh well hold on somebody doesn't like my top tier rivalries he must be n'koumo de warn their battle no he's he's got a fan michael just let him get there he's only had like six and there is a three two two two two his it to go ahead through israel experts of yankees and the number one rivalry were makers versus okay at us you realize ilsing's had ucs you call every rivalry ali frazier because that's the greatest rebel we in sports we work i'll we all have in the union go up senior robina seventy said noting pops not legal terms that ali frazier's considered anything you compare rivals because the ali frazier of the rivalry that's the greens robbery in sportsman did you weren't around you don't understand one way i only link theor beal though was talk about labour don't hourglass if you want marie are no later celtics as big as the house razors be butler is is not in the top ten is what mike lacoss that no he said oh are the no israeli rewrote enemy number one us normal no three anybody knows the history of that derive weep who had i know the history utah young how many times they fright tree three hungary ancestors jerry travel the red sox a yankees play.

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