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So i don't really know why we have to deal with this and while we have to go through things like that but i know that god is in control of every situation and that got us got us soffer meaning he's in control meetings ultimate minute these supreme and he knows what's best you know i was thinking of a story there's a sermon that by david wilkerson i'm going to share this that he'd he'd shared he'd went through a lot of adversity have you ever noticed that you know paul washer had said that a lot of a lot of great great ministers their first years and that could be many years there i many years of ministry is met by much much frustration much trouble much much add at adversity many hard times it's met with that is it anyways david wilkerson we're going through he's going through some of these hearts on the news was talking to his actually his wife had just finished with her chemo believes she had pancreatic and just finished with chemo and was coming out of that and they had just received a phone call that his daughter had gone into stage four cancer and so they rush and got on a flight and flew down there i believe is in plano texas where there was at and they got to the hospital and they realize they wouldn't let her in the room because they were they were shooting a room with radiation trying to take care of her and he said he left and he went down to this drove down to these back roads back there in plano and just started crying out for the lord just started weeping and crying authorities said he was there for two hours this weeping and crying out to the lord you said that the holy spirit stopped him and spoke to him and he said he said david he said who's our father you said well lord you and i we are father said well who has raised your and who has taken care of her and who is he was brought her this far said well lord i guess that would be you and i and then he said the lord said and he said who's knows what's best for her he said well lord you doing you know what's best for her and so sometimes we just gotta look at these situations and realize god is in control of these situations so what can we learn from adversity up romans eight twenty eight this has also been verse it's helped me and we know that all things work together for the good of those who love god to those who are called according to his first this verse memorize evers is helped me through a lot of things helped me through a lot of hard times if we look through the bible and we look at majority of the people that were in the bible that god used went through some hard times went through some difficult things but but the first part of that verse you gotta look at the very first part of that verse and what does the first half of that verse to those who love god those who love god and so it's gonna work out if you love god these hard times are going to work out if you love god i heard an old preacher said that ghana pull you pull you through a novel if you can stand the pulling and that's the truth sometimes sometimes you just got to be able to say and it said paul said he said your hardness as a good soldier of christ we just gotta endure we just gotta hold out to the end it's all going to work out and so basically getting back to job job came to this conclusion gods god's in control of everything is god basically basically told her to be said job were you there when i created the earth were you there when i formed the planets were you there when i started to no job was not you said so you don't you said.

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