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She was kind of an acquaintance. I knew she lived in in New York so I had called her when I went and I had total holly golightly damage. I used to wear my hair put you know. I didn't have big abundant here right but what ahead I would pull up and I put it in. And then I would spread it out like a ponytail on top of my head and I spread the ponytail out and pin it down with hairpins right. It had a nice nefer. Td Profile Slavic took some time to put that. I've seen photographs and you wouldn't have guessed. I spent a lot of time but anyway so I got a white or cream colored trenchcoat thrift shop. And a couple of items. It's like that for my and I got a nineteen dollars. One way trip on Continental Airlines. Who Flew Yeah Nineteen Bucks Detroit New York Detroit to New New York eighteen dollars right on a prop plane non-scheduled continental proper? Yeah that's exciting. Later had became friends with Audrey Meadows. Who was married you too Bob six? who was president of Konin? And all it's just a few metres from the honeymooners. Yeah yeah she was funny Oh she was. She was one of my specials shows. Yeah but like how did you get started doing what you wanted to do. And I I got there. I got fifteen dollars left and right by five dollars from nine friends forty five dollars. I bought the trench coat and extra hair parents for up there and so I had fifteen dollars collar swift and I was going to get a job as a waitress at the Figaro. Okay which was like about as cool as you right up right. Yeah over in the village West. Yes so I went and of course. The guy had a list of girls this long to be waitresses and all I had was a burlap skirt. I had one little checkered suit With a Bolero jacket kind of you know. I had one pair of high heels because we're GONNA win. Their Figaro thing fell through and I knew that that night and I spent the fifteen dollars on dinner I went back home. I bought a New York Times on Saturday night late. It and I look in the newspaper and wrote down. All the typhus jobs assistant bookkeeping jobs. Think types this jobs are terrible at forty five dollars a week but assistant bookkeeper's like eighty five type. Oh Yeah I could type. I took typing any good girl. I took typing at my age but I had also worked as an assistant bookkeeper. Yeah in Detroit right so you got. I could post a ledger right. So that's a needed skill. And that's the Gig you got so I stopped at all the places and they were horribly button factories and all that stuff six thirty I get up in the fifties mid on Fifth Avenue and I go to BMI management's management engine company yes. I had no idea when I took the phone number out of the paper. And it says Captain Kangaroo Dick Clark productions and all like that so I and I got that job just like that. So you're in. I'm yeah I'm in show business job. I didn't even know I was really kind of the office. Flunky they were. We're three other women in the office. Gory was the bookkeeper and I had to assist her And if you're assisting someone you know too much and what years this sixty two. Wow how getting to be like almost summer. So but your how long did it take. You realize that you're in the center of show business. I saw it as soon as I saw the door I knew. Captain Kangaroo around didn't say Captain K said Charles Kitchen. I didn't realize that was captain kangaroo. But I couldn't understand Dick Clark. Yeah this but they also handled all the newscasters. Yeah I mean ninety percent of the top newscasters so nicer read all the alimony checks rex. Oh really had to get them out on Friday night. Sometimes I failed to do it. Forget I so glad to get rid of the place because Rita and Florence. who were there secretaries were so great? And I've met I've seen Florence says since she's come to my show a couple times but like I would pora They had a you know a cooler and someone would dump soup and any receptacle there and I do it. I wouldn't dare you know audrain here Rita say come here. I couldn't understand them the from the Bronx. Yeah I said what she said. Look this who did. This must have done this. No I didn't do that. Re Clean it up. I have to go and get. Aw for different things creams change of Brassiere. Do this on my lunch hour. And there's nothing worse than walking around in New York City in in the summer of sixty two to the no the hot. Forget that but the construction workers are there wagging their tongues that you owe and and just on and on it was just unbearable. When did somebody notice you performing? When did you start to get the do the performing well in New York my friend Louis Louis Saint Louis who had several credits? He was the musical director and he wrote songs. He performed himself but he and his partner. We're going to perform at the bitter end. And he got me on the bill as a co two so I kind of through stuff together that I had had this was the first show at the other end. Yeah bits and pieces characteristics and pieces. How many of those characters stayed with you for a lifetime? One of them for sure. The world's oldest living beauty expert. She's really where'd would you do her. And she knew her I've just done her in my act. I've never done around Tele television you as a guest on something done it right right. Oh I went to. I went to my school I you yeah because being an actress was like you know in downtown it was considered too narcissistic and and men were the only creators. Anyway you know women road the joints had babies. I didn't I wasn't cut out. Yeah but I was sort afraid to stand up and say I'm an actor so I was going to study mine. That's more acceptable. Where'd you study mine at with William Curtis the American American mind theon. I lasted three weeks. It was just too arduous burst so little reward couldn't get anything out of them you know because the other kids were so gifted yeah they could tumble across the room. Yeah do the most incredible falls and spills goals and come up and do it. Yeah not your bag. No although I'm good physically. What the my the three weeks of I am school? Did it help you at all natural mime. Anyway you know. Sure gotten a mime. Show no see. I remember what year that was. That was sixty five. You were in a mime show at the astor place playhouse. When did the break happen? While the real break didn't happen until I went on the MERV Griffin and show from New York. Yeah the upstairs downstairs in sixty six. Rosetta that was on fifty fifty fifth and on the side street off of Fifth Avenue Club. Yeah Yeah they had a review upstairs room cavalry and Mabel. Mercer was in the downstairs room. Yeah and I was just mad for Mercer Lewis and I had. We used to walk up to the most Soi. We have just a quarter for the coach. 'cause you have stand sixty deep at the bar. You're never even have to buy a drink. Yeah because we adored Mabel okay so maybe was falling out of favour not doing Business Joe. Joan had become very popular uh-huh Carson and she took over that room in the downstairs and Mabel was just there on Mondays Tuesdays or Wednesdays or something and I so I said to IRV Haber I was in the re review upstairs and I'd Gotten A. I've gotten a review from Vince can be in the New York Times he was nightclub critic then re before filmed. Yeah uh-huh and I did the makeup lady. That was my main monologue in that. Show the character I we did. It stood out because it was different from than the review. Beauty tip person tha- yeah yeah so He said it's as if Beatrice LILLIE IN DRACULA'S DRACULA's daughter come into some kind of lunar conjunction and that puts you on the man that was eye catching. That's not sure so. It didn't didn't put me on the map so much. I guess it did in one way or another but you so you saw joan. They're downstairs early on doing her. Yeah she was already famous though anti-syrian congratulations. Yeah absolutely. Yeah I used to stand in the stairwell enlisted tour. She was so funny outrageous rea- yeah even then from the beginning getting all. Yes so when did you do merv Griffin so. Oh so I took that review around. I took it to a an agent Gloria Sapphire Saphire Who is Sort of friendly with some people. I kind of peripherally knew and she sent me over to Griffin. Yeah she said. She sent me to Paul Cy. I can't think of his name I know he's around or he would be around. Yeah Paul has his first name but he was the first one that really locked into me and put me on the show a MERV. Yeah I was in New York at that time. Yeah I'll end. The daytime. People were was my douglas to Mike. Douglas I did him later when he was in Philadelphia Philadelphia. So you do MERV. I'd humor. I started doing merv kind of sort of maybe once every month or every two and by the tennis cope. Yeah But I I am I. I did the world's leading expert on Murph show and and hermine again gold guests the other guest show and so I was a little nervous about doing lupe. Madame Lupe go over well. Oh yeah went over very well. What happens she rejuvenates her face and then she sneezes off falls down again then I then I went back to the I said I would go back to the upstairs if I could do. One of my own on monologues. Right show yeah kind of review. Yeah yeah so I I went back and sixty eight. I did a commercial too so I made money money on a Vicks vapor rub commercialize with the with the little waves coming up the ones where you rub it and then well I. I don't think they'd quite hit a hit on those graphics yet animated graphics. It was more like I would be like a housewife. You know doing the dishes. I hear my husband's sneezing. The living and running running get the Vicks Vapor Rub rip assured off and put it on his chest. Thank God so I got to California. Yeah because woman. Her sat her husband has been was in the review and She was going to populate a show on. ABC called music scene and she picked me to go along with David. Steinberg researcher client. I didn't want to go to California. Wanted to be in New York actor right. I want to be on television. I I just wanted to. I didn't want a manager. You just want to do what cabaret shows no. I thought I would get I did audition for some Broadway show and I must have been unbelievably off the wall. I don't know what idea. Yeah because a kidman right. I'd make friends with the agents assistant. He say what did you do that. And and you see what do you mean what did I do. And I'd be real defensive about it and I'd say I I get off a couple Eh. Curse word yet. She wanted to be a stage actress. You I thought I should be. I can go to the clubs and always do a little monologue stuff if we want to do bigger for the fun of it. I wanted to be a serious actor right but you get dragged out to California and for the for the people volt beyond music scene music scene man. Yeah Sixty I picked you and at the same time an offer came in to go on laugh in from George from George they see the beginning of. He said that he saw me in sixty six. When I was on the Garry Moore show? That's for Carol. Burnett was discovered. Oh Oh wow so. I'm sure he looked at me a few years later and thought. Here's my carole go. Yeah he bites on that..

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