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Add that to the eyelid coverage. It's not good. I can't remember what I was saying before this, but it was it was a good race. The needle if you like between the teams now, I think is what is really interesting because they were almost there guys. Tens of this race was, there was not heaps of action. It was a little bit of action enough action. And we can talk about the staff and Hamilton a little bit later on. I mean, they are fighting for the championship. But the battle now between toto wolf and Christian Horner fields like it's gotten angry this week on full nuclear. Yes, it does it really does. And I know some of it for toto wolf is actually just general rage of the world because of all the penalties Mercedes guard. He was very unhappy the stewards and scrutiny dealt with that rewind. He feels like it should have been given a chance to fix it rather than just penalized he says he's sort of the way it should have been done, and that's up for debate, I guess, but I think it's also there's got to be this degree of Christian horn and now turning up to every rights and pretty much just accusing toto wolf of cheating every week. Which is not, you know, it's not that it's not good. No, Christian Horner is just enjoying despite the fact if we used political power on here. I guess the team in charge at the front of the queue. They have all the seats in the House at the moment to make orders, but exactly like an opposition leader. All these people is preparing whatever anything Toto Wolff says. Yeah, that's just take a life out of the right and don't worry about it. Just get on with it. Yeah, and I think I read a piece somewhere where total wolf literally just sort of went to the policy is at the window between all the other. I think that went out a long time ago, so I feel like he's a little bit you know Jim Wiley with the very not line news. All right, well, because I feel like that happened months ago. Any deployment is going out the window in Formula One. But quite frankly, so why we like it. Just project pit lane was grice and old, but I've already forgotten about that. A lot of other countries have forgotten about that. Maybe the variation that we raced on over the weekend was kind of forgotten about. So it's a Formula One of arguing of ald, which is, which is what we want to see because this is building up to be one of the great crescendo to world championship season. And it's exactly what we want. So if deployment sees the victim in all this Bondi mate. It's okay. No one likes to diplomacy anyway. I am really interested to see where this is going to end up because I do like to come back to Christian Horner. He's been saying this for a while. In fact, almost all season he's been implying. Never using the word cheating, but implying that Mercedes is breaking the rules. And in fact, they were reportedly at the steward's office or Scrooge engineering earlier in the weekend. I wouldn't pee on you if your teeth were on fire. Oh, that was a bit much. What's going on there?.

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