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These results were prepared by dna diagnostics in the case of math lock versus monroe when it comes to five year old. Kenya monroe mr matlock. The wait is over. You by outcomes back. Who's my money back. I told you. I wonder father. That's up new ones. Trifling lou knew lot of people are happy and excited to see young rock. Viewing tonight on. Nbc really raises to bar to where wrestlers have gotten when you have a guy like the rock just existing let alone putting some of his stories about growing up in a wrestling family on national television. It's great but i think we might see lauren. Lakes paternity court. Come to monday night. Raw rick flair is going to be seventy two years old in february. Twenty fifth seventy two but apparently space mountain oldest ride in the park still has the longest line. And apparently it's it's still inactive ride. Which i didn't think could be possible with his heart conditions. But that's what they enter that last night. And that's one of the biggest takeaways from last. Night is the fact that lacey evans and we did not know this. At the time we were watching pointedly pregnant so wrestling inc was the first one to report this and then pw insider also backed it up. I'm not sure if today anybody else has. I think that's probably enough considering the way that the story line went that this is legit. Heavens as a result is of course now out of the elimination chamber pay per view on sunday where she was scheduled to face oscar for the raw women's championship. Very simple lacey evans. Peyton royce. Were supposed to face charlotte oscar in a tag team match. Lacy cut a promo to begin the segment with rick. Dancing out there payton gets in the ring she starts off and then lacy won't tag in. She constantly avoids tag. Charlotte obviously was going nuts about it. She wanted lacey in the ring. Finally peyton just makes a tag lacy wasn't looking charlotte goes after lacey jumps off. The apron starts backing up. The ramp referee grab charlotte starts holding her off and she does. That lacey grabs a microphone announces. She's pregnant happens. I guess to be ric flair's now that was not you know said expressly but rick was celebrating. He couldn't have been happier. There's nobody happier about the storyline. Then rick flair slapping himself on the chest. Saying call me daddy even kinda did a little fake like he was gonna do. The alread flare flop face first on the ramp. Obviously he didn't just a little bobble but Yeah charlotte just sit. There sat there with her mouth. Wide open just shocked by the whole thing and well. What's this mean in. Nine months does lacy comeback today. Do they continue on with this story line. Do they drag it out even now while she is pregnant and keep her on. Tv for a while to keep her as a thorn in the side of charlotte somebody that now charlotte really can't put hands on because she's pregnant possibly possibly with her. I guess that would be your her mother-in-law half sister. I don't know how this all works. I don't know how the genealogy or genealogy worst doesn't matter bottom line is. I wonder if they're gonna come back with this. Just forget it. Altogether but lacy evans is out. So what does that mean. We need a replacement. And i think a lot of us have been standing around going. Where's rhea ripley. I think this would be fantastic. Time for rhea ripley to show up and make her way to the main roster. I mean right. Wouldn't that be the right. move to make. Who else is it going to be. If not rhea ripley you could bring up. E oh shirai but you know. She needs to lose that title. I think it's important. She loses that title down there. She goes up and has match with oscar and loses. That doesn't help anything so who else could possibly be. It's gotta be rea- right. I would hope so. There's a lot of women on that roster and there's a lot of ideas that they could have but if this isn't a perfect opportunity i don't know what is the other main thing from. Raleigh last night is drew. Mcintyre kicks a whole lot of house and that was the bottom line of the show they decided to have a gauntlet match with all six competitors in the elimination chamber and drew mcintyre survived. Almost everyone except for shameless at the end when he came out and shameless gets the victory. He ends up getting He will be released last in the pods so we can get into that as well as some other things on this show. There was a lot of really good wrestling. there really was. There was a six man with ritalin. Lucia house party against the hurt business. I thought was very good. Look like mvp got hurt in that match. And hopefully we'll have an update on him. The match between the ms and kofi kingston where. The ms gave up his spot. He wanted to go to john morrison but he gave up his spot in the elimination chamber. Kofi defeated him for it and it looks like right now. Because we're playing this whole kofi mania tube thing. That's pretty cool. Book conspicuous by their absence. Last night was retribution. And i wonder how that's going to play into. Things got a lot to get into still with raw last night and a whole lot more pull back wrestling observer live talk. The airlines have just reduce their prices even more thirty days in advance and save big. Want the absolute lowest prices on your airline tickets then call the low cost airline travel hotline right now for prices so low. We can't publish them anywhere. The only way to access our low rates and save up to seventy percent is to call save hundreds on your vacation tickets by calling right now. You can fly anywhere in the world and paid discount prices on your airline. Tickets spoke flight today to london. Paris madrid or anywhere. 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