FBI, President George Bush, President Trump discussed on 24 Hour News


Decided that I needed to look at this. And I needed to find out about it. And I needed to ask you questions about it as well as others that were involved. So again, I'm not gonna take the same approach as my colleagues here talk about Don Mcgann or any of this. Why don't you just ask the president? Mrs. Dr Ford can't do this. We clearly haven't been able to do this. But just ask the president to reopen. The FBI investigation. I think the committee is to you're doing the investigation. I'm here to answer your questions, and I shouldn't say one thing Senator Coburn club, which is. I appreciate. Our meeting together. And I appreciate how you handled the prior hearing and a lot of respect for you. Thank you. Our data aside. Here's the thing you could actually just get this open. So that we can talk to these witnesses and the FBI can do it instead of us and you've come before us, but we have people like Marchetti who Dr Ford says was a witness to this. We have this polygraph expert that my colleagues were raising issues about the polygraph. We would like to have that person come before us. And I just think if we could open this up. I don't mean to interrupt. But I guess I am. But Mark judge has provided sworn statements saying this didn't happen. And that I'd never did. Or would do we would like the FBI to be able to follow up and ask him questions. You know, we talked about past nomination processes, and you talked about those and I note that President George Bush in NET hill Justice Thomas case, he opened up the FBI investigation and let questions being asked. And I think it was helpful for people. So was his decision reasonable. I don't know the circumstances of that when I know centers. I'm he he just the circumstances are that he opened up the investigation. So the FBI could ask some questions on twenty. He opened up the background check. I'm here to answer questions about my yearbook or about, you know. Okay. I worked, sir. Okay. I'm.

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