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Shore overnight partly cloudy and cool with a low of fifty two degrees friday mostly sunny a nice high seventy eight saturday mostly sunny and warm with a high of eighty degrees ocean water temperatures 67 degrees in the poconos overnight partly cloudy and chilly with a low of forty five on friday mixed sun and clouds of spotty thunderstorm possible high seventy two kyodo news time on one thirty netizens duty virtually home medicine partners in the fight against cancer this is kyw newsradio tim sixty the use of philadelphia good morning john valeria at the cbs broadcast center in spring garden fifty nine degrees mostly cloudy skies fifty not endures they'll go into fifty five overnight in the news at this hour longawaited testimony by james colmey i've seen the tweet about tapes lordy i hope they're tapes i'm jim taylor bill cosby is said he doesn't plan to testify montgomery county sex assault trial but on day four jurors heard his version of events based on statements he gave more than ten years ago i'm jim melwert in norristown a deadly shooting involving a philadelphia police officer at some point that officer does discharge at least one time andrew kramer what led the shots being fired the pennsylvania as pizza is asking for the public's help if i the person or people responsible for putting to live baby racoons into a trash bag and dumping them in south philadelphia kyw's john mcdevitt in sports phillies laws to the braves in atlanta three two one and in the nhl stanley cup finals penguins beat the predator six two nothing in business the dow gained nine points in the nasdaq picked up twenty four four i'm cbs three meteorologist lauren casey overnight partly cloudy cooling quiet with a low temperature at fifty degrees some are finally returns for our friday mostly sunny and much warmer a high of eighty two temperatures soar into the.

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