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News in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston. The Senate has passed a $2.3 trillion spending package, averting a government shutdown. The package includes roughly $900 billion in additional coronavirus relief Aid and 1.4 Trillion to fund a federal agencies through next September. NPR's Susan Davis reports. The bill now goes to President Trump for his signature. Relief is coming to millions of Americans affected by the pandemic. The legislation extends enhanced unemployment benefits of $300 a week through early spring. Another round of $600 stimulus checks will start going out as early as next week. As well as another round of funding for the Paycheck protection program, which will have provided in total nearly one trillion in aid to businesses in the past nine months. It also includes money to distribute the covert vaccine as well as money to help schools get back up and running. Congress is working to get it to President Trump's desk. By Christmas. Susan Davis. NPR NEWS Washington California Governor Gavin Newsom says stay at home orders will likely be extended in many parts of the state. Danielle Benton of member station KQED reports. The decision comes as the number of new coronavirus cases continues to spike in many areas, including Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hospital. Demand is surging with ICU capacity in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley at 0%. And governor Gavin Newsom said, expected to get worse Look, we are anticipating a substantial increase in the hospital surge. People are not being turned away for care yet, but some areas are now activating their backup plans for the surge. And Newsome said cases in some regions may exceed what hospitals have planned for. Newsom said he's asked for more federal medical teams to assist and resource is for an additional field hospital. The federal relief bill is good news, he said, with about $17 billion expected to flow into California. For NPR News. I'm Daniel Benton. Georgia has started its second week of early voting for two Senate run offs next month that will determine control of the chamber and were heard from member station W. Abe reports. There's a lot of pressure on Georgia voters right now. Ivanka Trump headlined a rally north of Atlanta with Republican senators Kelly Leffler and David Perdue. American patriotism is alive and well in Georgia. And Georgia.

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