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Her cousins or case keenum because what he paid you're getting case keenum branca's are gonna sign him tomorrow rumored reportedly to be between eight million eighteen million excuse me and twenty million per so how does that move for this team well the broncos felt like the cousins because of the financial concerns wasn't a good fit keenum is a much better fit is going to be less than half the money two years instead of three years so they can get out of it sooner and they seem a lot further away from the super bowl three years paid manning and they have had but trash quarterbacks let's be honest about it it's paid manning retired what do you think about paxton lynch intern house number one draft choice trevor siemian look like a seventh round draft choice brock osweiler came back and didn't do anything at all they had to have a quarterback now they get that extra ten million dollars a year to surround him with a better all fensive line a tied in a third wide receiver ofensive ly they got the defense basically in place i think this is a grand move for them in terms of not getting cousins because keenum actually had a better year than kirk cousins and i think his numbers will reflect well when he gets to denver and he's worked with kubiak who is always number two man here they must like him because of kubiak was the one guy that saved him off the scrap heap when nobody drafted him out of university of houston when he said every college record known to man gabe i think we could sense where you're going here but would you rather have keenum or cousins going into next season.

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