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No, you're right. No, you're fine. You're fine. I think we could put pressure on Apple. Keep the headphone Jack. Put it back. Because here's the thing. AirPods are good enough and some of the Bluetooth stuff, even though there are those frustrations that I totally agree with. The convenience for a lot of us, we would still use like I was still use AirPods. I would still use over the ear, maybe I'd have them plug in maybe I wouldn't have been that I would probably still use wireless more often than not. That's not going to be changing just because my phone has a headphone Jack on it. If you are, in my opinion, if you're somebody who's choosing to spend $200 on a pair of AirPods, it's because you appreciate that convenience, not so much because that's the only way you can connect them into your phone. So except that it is. Or use the stupid wired headphones that come in the box. But like, you know, they'd have the lightning connector. I'm just saying, like, $200. Anybody does that? Yeah, last year became like a trend to be. It was like an aesthetic thing where there were a number of very big fashion influencers who were doing that so. Really? Georgia, you're like on trend, actually. Yeah, it's kind of like a weird throwback to 2000s asked that I don't know how long enough it comes back around. No, I was. I'm gonna say like everything that everyone that I wore like when I was like in late high school and in college is like he's back. Popular again. And so that's part of it. But no, but I'm just saying like, obviously they want you to use Bluetooth, but I think that even if you've had a headphone Jack, I still think that there are enough people who would still be buying Bluetooth headphones. It's not like that would stop. I had Bluetooth headphones. Wireless beats before AirPods. So but essentially go ahead. I actually have a galaxy device. And so I have a headphone Jack, but these are wireless normally. You're wearing beets right now, aren't you? And I'm wearing beets, so I love them, actually. They are, you know, they're great. I have the same ones. I have to say those are a very cute color rose gold. Rose gold. I love that. Thank you so much. Thank you for the approval. But I love over ear headphones too, 'cause I air buds I can't. I don't know how you guys do earbuds because I can not stand. I feel like I'm just like throwing something inside. You wear a hijab, I should point out for those not watching a video. Could you put the, I guess, actually the best advantage of that, well, not the only, but one advantage of it is if you did an AirPod fell out, at least you wouldn't lose it. It would end up. That's so cool. But in your clothing and you'd have to like, right? So it would be safe, but you'd still have to do the erase. Let's put it that way. Funny thing is my friend the other day. My friend the other day had her AirPods and we couldn't see it because she also wears a hijab. And then she certainly starts talking into her and we're like, what? All the time. Yeah, there we go. You should watch the blackmoor video. I'm gonna do, we're gonna be talking about that. When is it talking to yourself? Okay. Okay. It's a sign, right? I've always talked to myself. I don't think it's a side of me. I agree. Yes. And answering back is also still totally healthy people, like you can talk to. I have to ranch back. Answer yourself a totally fine. It's okay to answer yourself, but not in a different voice. What do you think? What do you think? Well, I don't know, maybe I should do that. No, you don't do that. That's dangerous. Okay, noted. I will not do that. Don't do that. As long as you know, you're doing it. That's the kind of thing that Joker would do. That's good. So actually, completely peripherally, but you mentioned hipsters, by the way, I still have some wide ties that I am not throwing out. I don't think white ties are ever coming back though. You never know. I have to wait a while. For a while, vinyl, right? Everybody's into vinyl. There is a big scandal going on in the final world that you read about this. I read that this morning, oh my God, that's amazing. Yeah. So mo fi MO FI is a company that's been around for a decade. There are actually up our way in sebastopol. And their claim to fame was they're selling vinyl records that are mastered from the original digit a non digital, analog masters of classics, Asia, from steely Dan, or even thriller, which was mastered to tape, and they were selling it this way for a long time. Until a record store owner, Phoenix record shop owner said, according to pretty reliable sources, mo fi mobile fidelity has been using digital files instead to create these vinyl records. They are not analog masters. And then a number of people spoke up and said, you know what, that makes sense because if they're making these vinyl records from analog masters, they have to keep rewinding the tape and playing it, rewinding the tape. Nobody's going to allow them to do that. So in fact, it's now come out engineers mo fight didn't want to admit it, but engineers from mo fi have started to say, yeah. We started using digital stream. It's called direct stream digital technology. In 2011, on a release of Tony Bennett, I left my heart in San Francisco, and by the end of 2011, 60% of their vinyl releases used digital

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