Steve Wilkes, Brian Flores, Panthers discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


The statement that was issued by his lawyer yesterday makes it clear that the Panthers are going to be invited to the pending lawsuit that has 5 or 6 teams already joined in it with Brian Flores Steve Wilkes and ray Horton, alleging racial discrimination. But the element here will be that Steve Wilkes wasn't hired in whole or in part because of the fact that he joined arm in arm with Brian Flores to stand up to the shield to say you have employment practices that are wrong. And it's amazing how many people don't realize it's illegal to hold that against someone. That's protected activity under the law. You have the right to address grievances against your employer in court. And they can't hold it against you. They can't not choose you for the head coaching job for any reason tied to that. And when you look at right, you look at Wilkes you look at what works did. The Panthers had better be able to explain persuasively why they chose not to continue with Wilkes. And here's how Wright's daughter factors into it because it's not about nepotism, nepotism is rife in the NFL. But she announced she was working for the Panthers about 90 minutes after the final game of the regular season on a Sunday. I guarantee you that if and when the Panthers are joined to this lawsuit, still Steve Wilkes lawyers will delve into every nook and cranny emails, text messages, aggressive deposition questioning. When did you know did you know did you know when she went to work that Frank Reich was already targeted because that goes to the whole idea of the sham interview? The owners know before they even start the process who they're going to hire and all of the interviews, including the Rooney rule interviews are just check the box to comply with league policy. I know that sometimes we don't let facts get in the way with like Nathaniel Hackett getting the job as offensive coordinator with the jets, which obviously means that Aaron Rodgers will then go to the jets, right, Mike. Anything to this. Well, Dan, I firmly believe last year that the Broncos when they hired Nathaniel Hackett to be the head coach, thought they had a very good shot at Aaron Rodgers. And I don't think it was a coincidence that just within an hour or two after Rogers announced he was staying with the packers for 2022. The Broncos had a deal in place for Russell Wilson. I think Rogers was plan a and Wilson was plan B so the Jets have come out and said they're looking for a veteran quarterback, Aaron Rodgers potentially is available. It's not something you just snap your fingers and do. You've got a huge cap number that's got to be dealt with the packers are going to want something in trade. First Rogers has to decide he even wants to play. But obviously the presence of Nathaniel Hackett would make the jets more desirable than they would be if he wasn't there. But there's a lot of decisions Rogers has to make before he even gets to the point where he's assessing where he would play next year if he plays for different teams. I just assumed last year he got to the brink and decided I'm just staying in Green Bay. And I don't know why he wouldn't just decide to stay in Green Bay this year. He's going to make nearly 60 million fully guaranteed. If he says to the packers, I'm here. I'm staying deal with me. Tom Brady was testy with Jim gray, but I kind of viewed that maybe different than most people. I thought it's I'm going to come out and be angry at my friend Jim gray just to let people know that I haven't spoken to any other team right now. Exactly. Right.

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