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The. Pittsburgh steelers, fans. It is time for the second episode and let's see if I can get this name right for for a change here of back in black I think that time. So thank you for tuning in I of of course, I'm deputy editor behind steel curtain DOT com. My name is Michael Back and I'm joined as always by Mr Jeffrey Benedict I in this case, the Ho- zor you the trader as Dave Scofield. Or coined US how you doing tonight Jaffrey I'm doing good. Awesome. Right off the top. Here we got. We got some breaking news in the NFL. We can touch on a little bit Everson Griffen signing a deal with the Dallas cowboys the term and up money has not come through the through the pipeline yet. But what do you think that ad in what does that do to the that NFC east? I think. Dallas. Already, the best team there that depth is GonNa come in do that's That's big. That's always big. If you're just deep on the defensive line, especially pass rushers. And Everson Griffen is I mean he's he's one of those guys that he's not just a pass rusher. He's a guy who messes up everything the offense is trying to do so he's just he's just that's a really good. Right, and then Pittsburgh, of course is heading Dallas right after their bye week this year I believe own states week nine or ten something like that Do you think that could affect the outcome of that game especially because historically the steelers haven't been too good in in Dallas. It could I mean he especially if they've lost some people? You know like if if there when you get some injuries on the line, that kind of that kind of rotation there that's a big deal so it could be a big deal. That's one of the Twain's where everyone is who knows. Yeah. Really. This entire offseason it's. It'd be great to say Oh this guy's GonNa. Kill it. But I I honestly don't know I feel like. Contributors. We weren't expecting more so than usual and some big names might. Might have gotten lazy during quarantine. I guess we'll have to wait and see. A there's one more big thing going on on our website We gotTa Juju Smith Schuster Jersey signers you make that giveaway haven't seen already twitter facebook and Instagram at behind the steel curtain The numbers are pretty crazy right now, a lot of people excited about it. So if you guys haven't already make sure after the show to to jump over to twitter or facebook or instagram a final count make to enter that contest A free signed Jersey. That's that's pretty sweet and speaking of Juju. Smith. Schuster I'm we are going to get right into the wide receivers of this team tonight do prediction of who we think's GonNa make the practice squad who's getting cut the the final rankings for for this team that opening day roster, and then a little bit of stats preview. So kicking some names off. I think we'll not so much rapid fire, but I'll three names at you right now, Anthony Johnson. Amara Darbo and side black now. Which of those three is most likely to make the practice squad and do you think any of those three guys have any shot of making this team? I actually. Think you could see Amaro Arvo do it. He's my outside just because this team has one gunner. On. Their on their special teams from last season. One lap like they've one player who has done that job in the NFL at a decent level. That's it. A immoral Dargo hasn't played a lot. But when he did that was one of the job he played. They have changed play coming in but with no preseason like you're not, you're not going to get a look at the special teams at all. So I think he is a guy that could make the roster as that we have tape of you doing this in the NFL we don't have a preseason or put you on the roster just so we have if play pool is like it's in there and it's pretty clear that he looked at in practice, but he doesn't look good in the game. Then, you've got someone who's done it before I could I think he has an outside chance because of that the other two I don't I don't see them making the active roster saw than in the practice squad sense. Are we seeing any receivers tag along on the the the expanded practice roster? Yes. I think we're GONNA. See too I originally to receivers. Because one of the good things about is if you can bring people up. For, a couple of games if you have a game where you're like, okay, we need another receiver. You could bring that guy up I can see any kind of names on the practice squad this year if they think, they can slip them through you could play. You know a guy who you may not think would be on the practice lawn on the practice squad this year. I'll say that when you bring those guys. So, moving straight into it how many guys you think will the steelers bring at the wide receiver position? A week wanted is a five six or how many receivers total are they going to dress? I'm really into five. I'm leaning towards five. They don't have a big time depths at wide receiver once you get past those starting for they got the big four and after that it, it really is a drop off whereas you take position like running back. Where the depths isn't that big of a drop off you've got more depth at running back. You got a couple running back backs that they can use in the passing game I. Think you could see. An additional running back and only wide receivers I. think that's a that's. To me, that's my. That's my opinion where they'll go. Interesting you know I'm leaning to a cup one more receiver I think that they take six. But in the same sense when I'm thinking about it I still think they'll take four running backs which is unusual and I think they'll take three quarterbacks Do you think in any sense? They could only carry two tight ends that an option at all. I don't I. Don't i. don't see that just because Eric Hebron isn't an inline blocker. Keep. Gentry as as that role, he was actually pretty good as an inline blocker. I wasn't good at much else. But he was pretty solid. They're in his rookie season. So come into his second year I think you could see him come as in line blocker Vance. McDonald's remain Titan at an Eric Yvonne More A. Swing tight end. He's GonNa play in the slot he's GonNa move around. He's undergone craigslist I've using get snapped. He's GonNa get targets but he's not going to be You know what? He's not gonNA play what he's Miller Blade right and. Really, there's going to be some sort of position I think that will be surprised. That will take a little bit fewer just because it seems like there's some spots he might take more guys than they traditionally do I think it's definitely possible. The steelers take five. I'm leaning towards six but you did mention that number five. WHO's getting cut because we already touched on those first three there's there's going to be probably two guys fighting for that fifth in six slot who's number five who's getting cut left off the team at number six. I think you see Dionne came make it. I think Ryan Switzer gets cut and I think Ryan Switzer's on the practice squad. They have a limited number of spaces where it doesn't matter. If they're veteran or. I think they pay him a bigger salary to stay on that practice what that way he's on the team he's around. Benkin throw to him in practice he wants. going. You know anything needed they. He's right there. They can call him up if Deontay Johnson struggling with punts. Call Ryan Switzer up from the practice squad having return punts. Have Him getting the passing game a bit, and then put him back down. We're bringing them up however, they want to do it. I think him or Dion Cain. Those are. A. Lot of them makes the squad in one of them. What makes the roster? What makes the practice squad am leaning towards deontay making making the roster and Ryan Switzer on the practice squad interesting. Now let's just say it in this World Ryan Switzer does in fact, make this team. What kind of stat? What kind of stats is he going to be potentially putting up? Probably. Another hundred hundred fifty passing yards. Receiving yards receiving yards. Maybe, maybe some rushing yards like. I don't know how. Honestly don't know how you keep him on the roster. Yeah. Yeah you know when you look at twenty eighteen though I believe he's just over three hundred receiving yards. He was involved a lot in the Russian game kind those flat passes and..

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