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Are over. It's about experience. You know when care drawings started? Companies started needing more and more people as draftsman to do cad drawings to do different things, and they couldn't wait on architects to spend, you know to become a full fledged architect. It's a lot of time. Well, if we're going to grow our manufacturing base We're going to have to encourage young people to do this anyway. So my body As teamed up. He has the whole town's foundation for kids. He has teamed up with other organizations and they're doing this manufacturing day, which is going on around the country. I encourage you to put manufacturing day and your city. In a search engine and see what comes up. And I encourage you to encourage your Children. To look at these as careers. You see, we talk a lot about manufacturing and we look at it at the capital level. Capital is liquid. It's free. It moves not just across state boundaries across national international boundaries. You've got South Korean companies now now opening chip factories in the United States. You've got Asian companies moving their their auto manufacturing to this country. The company's side of it is relatively easy. But do we have the labor to fill these gaps? And do young people have careers in manufacturing that pay? Well, not just doing it, but leading it, supervising inventing in it. Anyway. Encourage you wherever you are Put in manufacturing data you search engine. And get involved and get your kids involved and teach them that this is out there. Snowflakes that trigger you prepare for a complete meltdown with more of the Michael Barry show. And Neil's.

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