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Police arrested. A former contractor and volunteer at Marian city schools for allegedly sending nude photos to a minor a school resource officer received a complaint about twenty seven year old Alexander Freemen's behavior detective say Freeman sent nude images to a sixteen year old student who's not enrolled in the district Freeman stars will sending harmful materials to juvenile. There's no evidence yet inappropriate contact with students that are currently attending Marian city schools and Ohio house committee authorized an increase in the states gasoline tanks. Smaller one the what the? Is proposing. ABC six is Brian. Magic says house finance committee, okay to ten point seven cents per gallon increase the house plan would raise about eight hundred seventy two million dollars per year much smaller than governor Mike the winds propose eighteen cents which what raise about one point two billion dollars for road and highway repair committee, chairman scuttle tells ABC six eighteen cents per gallon Heikal be too much for constituents specially all at once dot says the increase approved by the house would not be enough to avert a budget deficit in their department and Ohio Senator wants all schools in the state to adopt was called the sandy hook promise set of standards to prevent violence and suicide eighty percent at that students. Tell someone prior to doing a violent act stupid Senator Gayle manning and north ridgeville Republican introducing legislation requiring training in all schools to help students and teachers pinpoint potential violence or threats of suicide Leon Brewster is a principal in Manning's hometown describes when a student is told by another they're considering something drastic. Say something how do you do that without feeling that you're breaking the trust of of another student? The training called the sandy hook promise would provide mental tools for students at the state house. Jared alad NewsRadio six ten WTVN. The president's former campaign chief Paul manafort's set to be sentenced in a northern Virginia federal courtroom today. Manafort was convicted of tax evasion, Bank fraud and failing to report foreign lobbying part of rubber Muller's Russia probe next month. Manafort turned seventy is facing more than a decade in prison after both after sentences are handed down as expected. A Chinese telecom giant filing a lawsuit against the US. Wa wait technologies has confirmed that it has filed suit against the United States after the US band government, agencies employees and contractors from using Weiwei equipment. Government officials contend that. While way conspires with the Chinese government to spy on others in announcing the lawsuit while way executives again denied the accusations and said the band was unconstitutional. The lawsuit was filed. In Texas where while way has you as headquarters bills for NBC News Radio. Radio six ten WTVN. Sports with sixteen games to go. The blue jackets trying to battle their way into the playoffs. Big one for coach John Tortorella jackets tonight in Pittsburgh. We have a tough schedule pit twice here. The boston. A couple of times not looking too far ahead. We'll have our hands full and pet national TV for tonight's critical matchup NBC sports network has it at seven critical matchups Sunday for the basketball buckeyes NC double A hopes OSU after losing northwestern may need to win when they host Wisconsin. The OSU women are in action against Wisconsin today at the big ten tournament..

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