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Housing lender. And all fifty states MLS number thirty thirty. Spokesman says a male sailors shot of female sailor multiple times today in the parking lot outside a hangar at Oceana naval air station, causing a lockdown. The shooter was then shot and killed by security personnel at the base the base has a no weapons policy. We do random periodic inspections for hinted items. Hell the sailor was able to get a weapon on base. It's part of the ongoing investigation, captain Chad into Lenny describing the shooting as an isolated domestic situation. He says the lockdown was lifted in less than an hour in the basement turn to normal operations. The woman is in the hospital of non-life threatening injuries and eighty one year old North Carolina man, charged in a crash that killed a mechanicsville couple on the Outer Banks. David Archer of kill devil hills is charged with two counts death by motor vehicle and one count of driving left of center in the crash that killed forty year old Hanover elementary school teacher, Holly Nicolette and her thirty seven year old hun. Husband Alan as they walked with family members along the shoulder of North Carolina. Route twelve a child who was also hit was treated and released. Police believe Archer either fell asleep at the wheel or had some type of medical emergency. Richmond. Police asking for help and tracking down a second woman who displayed a gun when a brawl broke out during a dance competition at Huguenot high school last month. PD's PDG Leslie says they arrested one woman, but didn't spot the second woman until witnesses shared their cell phone footage with police there were no serious injuries. No shots were fired. But it was a display of firepower that we'd like to find out who was the one who did it and bring them invested thirty six year old North Carolina woman is already charged with brandishing having a gun on school property and simple assault. You'll find a photo of the second woman in our story at NewsRadio W R, A dot com. Former vice president Joe Biden got a warm. Welcome today at the international brotherhood of. Electrical workers, he joked with the crowd that the overwhelming applause might go to his head even felt comfortable enough to joke about the controversy surrounding very affectionate personality that some women said made them uncomfortable. I just want you to know I had permission to hug Lonny. Went on to criticize President Trump, saying Trump fans racism and is living in the past. Trump says he doesn't see Biden as a threat to him Biden says he'll decide soon whether he'll toss his hat into the presidential ring. Checking your money that out industrials up forty six points at twenty six thousand.

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