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Look at Phil Morris Interview own it on this special edition Special Edition I it is I guess pretty much what I remember the only two things things. I guess that that came out it was. He doesn't tell the station manager story or at least if he does ends up on the cutting room floor because Vanessa having that on the DVD. So uh-huh yeah so yeah so so the BBC obviously not prepared to stand behind that one and then this discussion of evil the dollars right at the end which again it just seems to come out and nothing I mean look I mean I. I'm not GonNa Start suggesting that that Morris has anything about either likes his whereabouts but it is it. He's just an old bit of placement in there and that kind of half smile before the interference Yeah you can say about. It really knows who knows. I suppose. Maybe that's why he's not only feel and although you do wonder why they leave that part in what if it's not you know not informative. It was just been speculation was not about allowance regard. I think it's just I mean I have to. I just wouldn't cycle but considering what else may have ended up on the cutting floor is also they. They left that particular better than any other bit. That was interesting. Is You get Vanessa talking to somebody off camera. While looking through one of the episodes by the web enemy. I forget which any says remember member enemy episode one. That took an hour and it is the old part. Is that if if we believe the the the narrative events and the reason why wouldn't believe the narrative but but I mean that they all expect films patients took place on either that one day or maybe two days so to say remember bird if if if it happened yesterday seems that straight quitting unless of course he examined enemy one earlier on when he was Phil. MARCI's tonight I just stuck out to me slightly better language. But then there's been a lot of art language missing episodes thing anyway has it. Has Anything really been going on. Recently in the missing episodes fan is not been into it for number of months genuinely now no I mean there. There was there was interest I think in missing believed wiped. There was a Patrick Trafton drama. That came up but nothing now. Oh yes I remember. Member at time the screening of mind will ban by the presents. A said Short. Come along to missing believe what is a brand new long Ross. puch trout drama coming out what was going to say Dr who episode and some people read something into the launch of Brit box but I must say seven peaks piqued my interest in any way died. Maybe we'll get another Reconstruction the wheel in space. reconstructive definitely is a possibility. Yeah I think so But but did that just brick box in the UK and the US. Sorry so yes I think. That's a distinct possibility. WanNa know why You is by suspect was a an experiment that proved not very interesting to any construction's disappear. Yes yeah but the animation's looking good yes. Yes so I I was in the Excel Centre. What couple of months ago? Now I guess when they and dance the fury from the deep animation and I think the fact that they have two sets of animators now is is definitely an excellent way for also yeah. I was very impressed with the work. That Gary Russell's team from Australia and India are doing on the fury from the deep they were able to. Yeah you say I I always liked the planet fifty five animations when they were doing dies and I think this is more in that more than than the ones we've seen from the Kapanen also looking looking at the faceless ones. I think the new team looking after that I think maybe taking it in a slightly different direction from macaroni. They seem to be more faithful to original story than than the macro one more so I think I'm hopeful. About how much of a new team is it for faces Lack assist rob richie sort of running the show now. Isn't it rather than it knows this. A hesitating Sakari number or a name but This this the Irish ladies in charge of it. I was part of the team. She's she added valiantly against something like that So she is I think holding the reins. I'm Marie that's what she's called Amurri. Yeah hedge shooting took over from from Trough L.. Not I'm just not sure how many people have roller actually always a handful. I mean the the the the the big finish one. This decastro percents As far as I can tell us in India but with the English team I think is a cottage industry. Well let's say CASTA thousands that they really mean that but it but I think on a larger scale vices. Ones must be coming out march for faceless ones. This one's much. Is that coming out right. Mark I believe March and July possibly for fury of July. I think is English summer. Yeah and I think they must be an expectation after that of may be to a year. which which would see through the remaining missing stories in a reasonable timeframe and hopefully get them on? The Leroy bulk sets coming out as well that would be excellent. Wouldn't we appear to be would seem like could travesty. If if they produce the boxes for those areas without any representation of the missing episodes. I mean certainly I personally. I've given up on on seeing any further missing episodes in any reasonable timeframe site. It so I think donny missions must be the wife who sadly well I intend to. Maybe see some older. That's your long while because I thought intend to outlive all the private collectors who Have I so I think. That's a perfectly reasonable expectation to have because Yeah I think at some point some of these things must pop out for that reason. I mean some of them were poorly. Pro probably lost with the people who died but but but some of them are you if you think which which would reappear more more interesting more limited time. I'm hopeful for thirty odd years yet. So so you never know well. We got some for the fiftieth anniversary. Maybe by the hundredth anniversary. We'll get some more. Maybe I is is a little bit beyond my time frame. Though I'll be I'll be ninety five for the for the hundred starting as possibly play a little bit to optimus now well. We'll russell is a wealthy area. It's very true. Very true. Shu We should. We have a chat about the pilot. Yep Yeah I've been all self off the Bat I remember being I mean neither hating it nor loving it but not being particularly excited by the pilot. I landed ended. But what watching this time I think. Perhaps perhaps that's an expectation. Perhaps go back to it thinking. Oh this is going to be. You don't watch Actually all right defeating it. It's funny that I thought about it in conjunction conjunction with what kind lighter and it seemed okay at the time it was a pin here but going back us up. It's it's so bad I'm not sure. What did you think here enjoyed a This was a couple of years ago. Twenty seventeen yeah just come out of school go on starting you work. Yeah store was like quite refreshing that it was sort of a new beginning for the shower as well. It was. Yeah so for me personally where I was in my life on a teed up because I was also involved with Clara Story along Florida Join Enough I think went too long also agreed that it was good sake palley with a new companion. I I liked Matt. Lucas says Oh yeah which was a divisive so a character saint recall. Yeah I I I again I I think in this one Matt Lucas. Because he doesn't he doesn't get it doesn't appear all that much. Whatever he does is is as well acted and it seems these believable characterization Nice combat relief it on? Yeah yes I liked what he says after bill gives the bigger on the inside than it is on the outside line. He says we got there. And I have a handshake delivers the the classic line coming out with all these oddball questions yes roy. Lift and various other. Things can go anywhere in the university. The actually effect. It's it's it's very accomplishment of work from from Stephen Author David the other funny lines and and the the fact that time passes and you get to you know sort of several months compressed into a single story I it's it's it's moffitt working at the highest parents. Think using it sort of Sitcom background for some Nice dial on what did did you think about bill. Even when I saw this first on my soul this actually quite like character bill murphy engaging so different from Clara who own was probably going to get todd off towards the end but actually in this episode in particular. I thought it was quite a good introduction for bill because she's quite lockable and if the guy yea what did you think. Yeah I I like bill I think over the course of the episode. You get you. We're told about a back axe story. Yeah we're family and I liked what the doctor did for Christmas president getting out old photographs showing that family meant a lot and it's sort of waves in the hall of fame of the thing about reflection. 'cause it's the reflection of in in the in although you do wonder sort of hanging whether she actually picked up on that. Yeah because that's the way we see that it's the doctor in the mirror and that reflection and there's a sort of zooming face and then on on the picture you get a scene where she addresses it not and then later on when she found out that the doctors and travel you think she might free Dan so left hanging one. Yeah kind of wish that. They haven't made a big thing about bills cart being gay before the episode came out. Because it's it's actually handled relatively lightly in in this particular one. Yeah you SORTA come to a realization over the course of the of the program and I think you going into it knowing that than those little touches didn't really help you but if you haven't done that then I think it was. It was quite unless they aren't doing. Yes because it's is handled quite normally and because it's a very noble thing so that didn't really need to be several articles about it. It's certainly handled much better in our first story than lighter. More came to seems to think we've forgotten what our sexuality and he has to constantly try and remind under the we've been watching it but I thought that was really good in this episode. I've heard in retrospect they were criticizing MOFFITT. People do have problems with the way he writes. Women occasional succumb bridge with the way bill talks about having fatted line. Let's just because she was favoring here. I think it's how you feel about that occurred so I'm not sure really show where where I'm sure I'll stand really. Yeah because it you see they'll sort of talking about the PA- version. And then she. She had fatted him not taking credit for whether that's appropriate not show. Yeah yeah then. SORTA doesn't the character doesn't appear again go online. That's Chee lost interest in off. She factored out. Yeah I mean I so I kind of know what you're talking about. The feels like she's she's come to realization. Well okay I'm not so. I'm not sure if she's deliberately feed him more checks to make a fat to stop. Stop whatever's going on or if she just gives them more chance because she likes and then over time she becomes fatter of result of which the attraction chops off and she's just coming to that realization. I think it's the second. Why don't think she's doing it deliberately? It's just he's favoring. Yeah Yeah in which in which case. I don't think that there's all that much in it but then of course I'm more of kind of Moffett. Demographic than the bill demographic you're you're you're sort of near in h to the character here and so I mean you may have more modern sensibilities. This is something I've seen. People talk about is certainly not something. I've thought of at the time but some also got to consider maybe the just I just wanted to be fat. It wasn't chips chips. Lots of chips woman. Absolutely right carrying rights Sir United for someone to have the body shape of their happy with quantum physics the same thing as poetry because because of the rhymes apparently too much line quite how tree that is. I mean I know a little bit about quantum physics. What the the little bit that I know is perplexing? I mean I have to say it's one of those things that that works in terms of solving problems but doesn't really bad much thinking about say. I think I know less about quantum physics than I do about. `Bout con constantly. It's probably not really was one of those lines that it is funny stack out probably sorts music thing that Brian Cox say Yeah Quantum physics. It's the same thing as poetry because of their personally people would say. Oh my goodness how preparing this to Cox when when we capacity says it they say are how droll Mr comparatively with your with your loan scholarship. When I say they just say what I I like? The doctor becoming bills cheated us again. It's handled very very well. I mean is it nicely I mean he kind of imposes himself upon but but also seems to come from a nice place in the end. Yeah the W- when he says you know she goes. I'm not a student. You can't take that will slow that needs to be that eager.

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