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As tomorrow and breaking news during our segment we just talked to wayne larvae prior to the seven thirty news in during that segment espn's rod dembowski reporting the packers have agreed to terms with muhammad wilkerson the defensive tackle visited the packers about a week ago had another visit set with the washington redskins believe he met with another team as well but ultimately has decided on the green bay packers according to multiple reports here's the deal on muhammad wilkerson there was a stretch of time after and i would say three maybe four years where you could have argued that aside of jj watt mohammed wilkerson was the best defensive lineman in all of football i mean this guy was just a monster and he was rewarded by the jets with the contract and it was sizeable five years eighty seven million bucks he signed that deal in the summer of two thousand sixteen you hate to see this in the nfl but it does happen following the signing of a big deal what happens to the players production well it goes down now the motivation just isn't quite there when wilkerson was really making a name for himself in the nfl he was playing for a jets team that i have mark sanford at quarterback for goodness sake and there were still going deep into the playoffs it was because of their defense the coordinator of that defense was mike patton now the defensive coordinator for the green bay packers so there's a lot of familiarity there that's important after we signed the megadeal the numbers really dropped off he was i buy some regards a disappointment he was not interested he wasn't showing it for meetings he became a bit of a locker room nightmare and he was also playing for a team that did not win the jets were in rebuild mode last year i'm surprised they won as many games as they did they probably had a better year than most would have expected prior to the start of the season still wilkerson numbers and they were not what they once were he's only twenty eight years old and here's what i believe is long as the packers are winning is long as.

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