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Job. We'd be news time eleven thirty three news update. President Trump is in South Korea after attending the G twenty summit in Japan CBS's, Steven Portnoy is following along before he left Japan. Mr. Trump held forth at a news conference for more than an hour weighing in on his perspective. Democratic opponents the legacy of former president, Jimmy Carter and the prospects for a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians. He's head he's agreed not to impose new tariffs on Chinese imports while trade talks continue. And he laid out his plans to meet briefly with Kim Jong at the DMZ that meeting is still not confirmed. North Korea has only expressed interest. President Trump says there has been progress with North Korea, even though the last summit and be at Phnom abruptly ended who's been no nuclear tests. There's been no long range ballistic tests. Gave us back our hustles, which was great. And a lot of good things are happening over there. So I let them know we'll be there and we'll see CBS news update. I'm Wendy to let WBZ news time eleven thirty four. Thanks to the King County sheriff's office. Drug addicts are being offered another way to get help in kicking their habit. Came county sheriff, Ron Haines says people with drug issues, who want treatment have another way to get it by calling texting or showing up in person to ask for help the program is called a way out in Illinois by the victim. Police department in the concept was provided non-punitive support to mostly opioid addiction population annex who asked for help will be taken by sheriff's deputy to a treatment center that has an open bed sheriff Haynes is similar program in Lake County sees.

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