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So thank you. Thank you for being there didn't have a penny. This woman comes from very humble roots in Russia, and she'd left Russia or Germany, I guess where she was at at that point for an internship in Paris at purple magazine, then she relocated to New York in twenty fourteen. She is like the female wanna be Billy McFarland like if it was well before fire fest that he got caught and she just got caught too soon. Maybe she would have made it there. Maybe we would seen the next fire fest two point, oh, she was going in the same direction. She clearly wanted to dominate the nightlife thing she wanted to party. She wanted to be the coolest person in the room. She wanted to be the female Billy, or at least what he was pretending to be right. And she didn't just didn't quite get. I mean, it's like if we'd given her a couple more years, I believe we would've seen Sorkin do something worthy of an incredible documentary. Speaking of which AJ shonda rhimes. James has acquired the rights to the New York magazine profile that was written about miss, Oregon, and is developing a Netflix original series based on it tied. I definitely wanna watch that. So we got that to look forward to which is going to be cool and Lena Dunham is reported to be working on a separate project about antidote v based on an account in Vanity Fair, which I'm gotta assume the one that we did is our read of the week. So we're getting the the fire fest treatment with the two different iterations. And what's interesting to me? Well, I don't know if either one will be a doc, right? It says Netflix original series. You might be like even cooler than documentary. It might show inspired by what happened. I'll watch that too. I will for sure. And then it's really interesting to me that these like, okay? So the rights to the New York magazine profile, and the Vanity Fair piece had to be bought to even delve into the story. I'd never realized I was an option. Maybe I should start writing articles about cons. So that I can maybe. The rights purchased at some point to be turned into a movie, there is a million more things you can read about this story. Okay. The the Anna Sorkin, Anna Dovy all of it is is intense. There's actually not a whole lot on Wikipedia. Also, if you're going to Wikipedia when you're high go use that as the jumping off point for your young the basics of the story or whatever. And then go from there delve deeper read, the New York Times piece, I was talking about go back and read the Vanity Fair piece. The Mike abroad is a read of the week. So long ago, if you need a refresher, you know, at Ross, I I can see the bigger lesson to be learned just in this whole article, what is it Assad from like, the money, embezzlement, or the larceny or whatever? So many people strive to live this fancy luxurious lifestyle. They wanna be high status. Yes. Everyone wants to be. They wanna live. Dash and important. Yeah. Yeah. You mentioned on the show before and this this particularly pertains to college students. Yeah. People there are about to leave college like myself. You mentioned before that's important to not try to be like that and live within your means for sure because the harsh reality for many, many of us is that you're not gonna be making a ton of money right off college. Now, you're very lucky if you do if you if you do then, you know, props to you, but is very likely that you'll have to live a very humble modest lifestyle. Probab- probably be, you know, reasonably reasonably frugal do your spending habits with Heisman with how you you know, budget your money and whatnot. I could've made more work in. It is like the manager at McDonalds, maybe even a fry cook than I did my first year working in media. Yeah. So as wanna make the point there. No shame in making small amounts of money as long as it's putting you on the path that you wanna be on. And that's exactly what I was trying to get. Yeah. So many of us try to live outside of our means, dude. It's that you end up digging yourself into a deeper hole. And then then then look at you now. Like, you're in debt..

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