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In meaning that the in ten minutes time you add whatever you doubled the capacity. Is it possible for your business. It's going to wake. It can wait for days when you add her physical server because if it does then maybe it makes sense for you to either buy or rent out. Entire physical servers for super cheap and get better economics and it's not about economics it's about. You probably know hiroko right. Have you diplomat anything to hiroko entire companies. Do you know how much memory you get a one heroic dino at remember. I'm sure it's minimal. It's like five hundred and twelve megabytes. Yeah okay. I want to pay up for more because we use ruby and ruby is not great with garbage collection. So okay i by the largest dino which gets generous and descend me being ireland sixteen gigabytes of memory and it was like five hundred bucks a month going back to hefner or digits And renting out an entire server for five hundred bucks. I can get one server which is going to have five hundred gigabytes of memory not five megabyte but five hundred thousand times more memory and now just the ultimate question. Is it easier for you to devil of brand new software at a computer which is scalable and distributed and you need to solve. You have many single of failure. To solve the micro service communication or is it easier to host it on a single server with five hundred gigabytes of memory so even when the memory blocked it conserve the server can can tolerate it for for a number of days and you have a single point of failure. Your database red is your would've would would not hosted on that single machine like herro grew up. Haircut became a thing when it wasn't common for people to have terabyte of memory in a server for super cheap right and why are small companies. Bang like ten grand herro bill and getting worse experience so long short immoral story here is that start are busy building their products and they don't get enough time to talk about the way they develop shelter right and when companies become bigger and want to hire a truck and then day start blogging. About how the cool ways. Our engineering software. But at the same time they're big companies and their best practices changed in the meantime so i would really question old best practices. And if you're doing something just because that's the right way of doing them doing things or because the drilling the best way for you to be productive okay. Well there's a lot more we can talk about clearly. We should wrap up anything you wanna add or i'm sure we'll do it. We'll do this again sometime. Or what else you wanna close with. Yeah so it's www better upended calm. You will regret it now on a serious note. There's an amazing book called refactoring. You i by the authors of of tell lindsay as i encourage people to check it out the smaller company smarter team the more overlap in roles there is an your fool suggests near juror beckon engineers will be writing parts of the ui the smaller the team and the you is going to suck when driven by somebody who thinks about the way the schema structure should should be discouraged should be structured and nothing about you. I and i think you can write better you. I think you can actually read better database schema if you think about the user right and one book that i give. Everyone just starts here. It's cold refactoring you. I it's super visual. it's an easy read. You can literally go through the just full of illustrations. It gives you examples about what not to do. An example about what do do visually and you can become a better software writer by understanding you. I better because even if you're not interested in ui you will find yourself writing you. I in many cases and the ironic thing is that you will get better designing beckoned if you understand the end user better and become better at at designing Interfaces well yes been pleasure talking just being fun. Thank you for having me over. Yeah j. from the show and best of luck with the company. Thank you so much..

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