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I'm still active duty as well. Just like Pete. So I still a lot of guys call me any questions of locations and different questions about the army. So and I was a attack at West Point. So I just left probably two years ago. So I was active with the team then too. So oh and just talk to us a little bit about the feeling what it's like coming out of the tunnel for the army navy game. No one that you're going to be a big part of the game and get a lot of touches and hopefully do well for me. I tried to like blind. All that. I tried to block all that. I'll try to like, okay. Any other game is not camera in your face. The president might be there. The president might be there. People which size, which renaming it spill wrong and stuff like that. So it's just like you're trying to blind. But it's awesome. Because you know, everybody is the only football game college football game in the country on and so it's it's awesome to know that and then one other question, I I guess I should ask pizzas. Super what was it like going into the army then having been army football player? Did you get any recognition having been as successful as you were a West Point? Or did you get to the army and your soldiers had no idea who you were. And even if they did know who you are. They didn't care. They didn't know they had no idea. They had no idea most of them. They know what West Point was. Right. So they didn't know. But like everybody else, they Google you. Right. Right. Then they like, oh you play football. I bet I can beat you in a race. And so they want to race you they want to foot race. And then you beat them destroy the confidence and then fill them back up again. Like a real officer would. Yeah. Yeah. I think that that does set you guys up a little bit different. Because people automatically assume if you play college football that you're like cooler, and I think that's true for me as a staff NCO when I look at second lieutenants, I think you're just a little baby nerd. You're not going to tell me what to do. And then you, but whenever you're a football player. You come in and gives you all right? We'll may this guy is a little feel street Carlton. K they don't like West Point is rightly honest. No, I wouldn't you. Assigned to the main arm. They don't like west pointers right when ours a little bit. There's little bit of a stigma carried with West Point. You know, both good and bad. There's some expectations. But there's been so many West Point officers that have gone, and maybe not done the best of jobs or carried with them. A little too much arrogance for not having the experience that is required of them. So yeah, West Point is kind of has a mixed reputation in the army, but I was going to say to you. What would you how would you react as a staff NCO, if you had a young Lieutenant come in who was such a -ccomplish collegiate athlete? Why did actually when I was when I was a young sergeant not a west pointer. But I had a naval academy grad that he was like the star of the basketball team. And I just immediately put him on the battalion's basketball team. Okay. Started about really good. So let's not. So I in Carl Carlton, I'm sorry. I keep calling you Carl because I want to give you a hard time. Call your Carl. But how how do you feel now about army football in the last few years a little bit of the resurgence than we've been having? I feel like we're in a great place. Like, we've been through hard times beating really hard times, really hard times people cry. Yes. But now, we're in a great place coaching staff. Everybody academies done a great job. So I feel like we're right where we should be ranked. So I feel like he's right. What we should be in Novi proud of what is shirts around going to the gym everywhere else. Where myself proudly now, right, right? All right. Well, I appreciate you. Joining us very much be navy..

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