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Uh you go to the movies with your friends in your always watching tv you have twitter you have something up all the time so major league baseball needs to find a way to insert their icons their brice harper's are mike trautz for injure mccartin's their buster posey's into the music genres movies the tv shows and now you're gonna be like oh i remember that got you know i like that guy a lot not i'm gonna go check out a baseball yet because you you see back in the day meet joe dimaggio had thrown songs about an jolting joe dimaggio is say hey kid willie mays hey willie i mean there's there's there's music there's movies it's just the culture baseball is great but it's like an inclusive circle needs to branch out a little bit more to get some people and that's another thing too people scoff at people that say that baseball's warring assists saying hey let's bring 'em and now no it's dumpor let me show you let me show you a game or to come on the samporn so saying you're just boring ya okay all right good mechanism good opinion are i like to get get the different opinions on at we'll take a break eight away came to ours our number good discussion on this sunday evening back with you next saturday and that is raft says uh for the next thirty weekends a here we go uh telling this story and who knows where it's going to go but uh one thing i didn't get to today although i did say it on the pregame show today uh but manses says already is betting on mlb been for a while and i is that i guess he means a draft kings and all that kind of stuff uh fane doolan all that but uh mlb is i think in the nba they're considering expanding that where you could nike actually bent on the outcome of things so uh but man's on top of that we talk about that at all times abomey if thanks for the tax uh.

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