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Understanding orange slavery our understanding our slavery and this it is a <hes> an interesting project. You've been doing this for almost couple years sort of twenty seventeen yeah this is i remember yeah. We were talking to your early on in the i have a copy of the what the book used to look like this is an early version of it but because is it had he was making the comparison between the four countries you government shehab east germany soviet russia the united states and nazi the german border there common things that they have in controlling the people well because you've got a sticker and the hammer and sickles and as east german signal insignia insignia or something but if you have that up there and they go oh it's got got a nazi. Zimba's got swastika again and the game touch so didn't you take and you put the picture picture of the <hes> american pictures where the flag salute used to be. I pledge allegiance to my flag ziege high hi and after war to and in order to get you know so they said we'll do the hand over heart thing but the sentiment behind the pledge same thing thank you know and so were the you think is going to be the response when you have administration schoolteachers and everything everything and they see this understanding our slavery okay. I'll go in there. At what point are they going to be. Oh my god they're penetrating the bureaucracy and and get to the minds of the kids and they should know what what is it you think is so challenging to the system in there so i think the artificiality of the system so i think once you realize that this is a series of techniques like a playbook the tube slave up and rob a population and you realize allies that the soviet union east germany nazi germany are all using the exact same techniques <hes> i see a lot of people have kind of like aha moments where her where just because you revealing the repetition of the pattern and they can see something was invisible to them before now becomes visible. It's that repetition repetition of of that that revelation of the pattern of our officiality that they realize hey. They're forcing us into these schools. They're forcing us to learn this. The stuff and i think that's the thing that the kids don't really esi. The idea that kids don't really get exposed to in school is that there is this group is controlling the information they receive the information they receive says. Pay money to these people in this group and do you know and do what they tell you to do and roll over when they tell you to roll over and you can see that it's artificial. I think that's one of the first steps to bring on. That's what's artificial so the so. I mean the whole program so we're going to force these kids in to this kind of artificial program where we're going to control all the information they received from the time that they're in kindergarten which is oppression were which means a art to raise children the ideology of state and we're going to separate them from their parents. We're going to control the information that they receive and we're going join us all of the tools and techniques of an unethically manipulative colts or unethically manipulative religion to slide the pseudo religion of state is in this belief in in having a government in the the idea that it's legitimate government. That's necessary to have a government. It's desirable the abbott government. We're gonna take idea. We're going to bake it in a kind of pseudo religion population where they didn't really see it coming because we slipped into when they were young. We didn't tell him it was religion. We just used all the tools and the techniques of a religion but that's the big that's the big secret of that's the hidden curriculum in the school system and nobody's gone in and widely exposed the tools and techniques before were and i think that that exposing tools and techniques us the first step to getting kids to <hes> to wake up to what's being done to them well..

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