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I should say Lincoln tunnel. Leaving New Jersey it's about ten minutes away and at the Holland tunnel. Delays running about fifteen minutes from one nine no problems from the turnpike. Traffic every fifteen minutes next report five three I'm still Crispin on New Jersey. What one point five New Jersey traffic made possible by eat clean, bro. Delivering all natural chef prepared delicious meal straight to your door. No cooking required just heat and eat to see their complete amazing menu. And to order. Go online today at eat clean, bro dot com. That's eight clean, bro dot com. Google is betting big on smart watches. The tech giant investing forty million dollars in watch technology from manufacturer fossil has part of the deal. Google will get a dedicated watch development team, which means we could see some new wearables from the company in the next couple of years. It could also present a chance for Google to compete with the apple watch. Guess every time you puff. Drive. You have to get gas right yet. Download the free. In pay less than everyone else. Say twenty five cents a gallon. Every time you fill up use promo code four bonus twenty cents a gallon up. So forty five cents a gallon on your first Philip get upset..

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