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Addition to the masks, hand sanitizer and wipes were also found in the warehouse also fakes their authenticity being investigated at this time. Officials tell us the warehouse manager 33 year old Z Zang from Dyker Heights. Now charge they always was, is then 33 year old Z Zang from Dyker Heights. What's Danker Heights? From Dyker Heights, now charge they say that health care system down south was using some of his counterfeit masks, putting their providers and patients in great danger should be a special place in hell for this guy right with the fake mass. If somebody died, he should go to prison. They were not just defrauding the public. It was sold. The hospitals were helping workers put their lives on the line every day so that all of us can live that zeroes were confident that the precious PPE that they were wearing Were crucial, life threatening conditions. Nope. And they're fakes. They're were being protected by these mashed right now. Investigators are working to find out if any of these masks were sold to medical providers here in New York state. They also want to let you know that any masks that are manufactured outside of the United States. Should be viewed as counterfeit. In love. Alan Study, Navin Dolly Wall check. I see. It's a long island. All right? Yes. So if a mask is made outside the U. S, be careful, be very cautious. It could be a bad vibes. You wanna fake mask, right? And, Yeah, look, even with the real mass. You could get the disease. They want to put two of mom but it's Dr Ray said earlier. If you miss that part of the program, he said, if you're wearing an N 95, Mass, that's all you need. Don't put another one on because you could compromise. The fit of the 95 mask and keeping be worse for you. So I think it's all back to these 95 95 Mass, right? No, ma'am. All right. I'm Aretha Franklin. We were supposed to this yesterday. We didn't run out of time, uh, passed away docuseries on her life and her career in recognition of all you've done, the people of the world hereby crown you,.

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