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Jonas on the shell pencil performance line and the NFL I think is trying to take steps in a direction to get more involved in issues that players feel very responsible and very passionately about and one of those things has been a sort of a partnership now created with the NFL and Jay Z. and roc nation to address social issues that players feel very important and I think on some level we see this as a positive step correct we do but there are going to be many people because how they feel about the NFL they're gonna look sideways at the NFL the Norfolk sideways a JZ for that's correct we have to apply so she has the NFL is not trusted in this realm at this point and understandably so given what we went through in the last couple years now what went on ever since Colin Kaepernick took in me and everything that happened since then has in my mind when the players sat down in a room and I believe it was December a couple years ago with ownership when ownership sat down at the table with them I was shocked because that is not something we see very often where the players have enough power and there's enough fear on the side of ownership because of what's going on where they can go in and wield some of it so it brought us to a very unprecedented place yes and when discussing NFL player protest will seated next to the commissioner Roger Goodell JZ said this we've moved past kneeling and I think it's time to go into actionable items and I think the whole premise of the kneeling was to move ahead into actual conversation right again it was it was a non violent way to protest wrecked and to start a dialogue and it did it started the dialogue for JZ is saying okay let's go to the next step not everybody is with that exactly Kenny stills was among those who who took objection to with the way JC sort of just casually said well we've moved beyond the kneeling and here was Kenny stills talking about that part of it what.

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