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There are other people relying on sure, and I I I wrote a letter to my wife, and it was sort of explaining to things one was the usual things you would say about, you know. The Gia lover. And that kind of thing the second though was trying to explain why I went because I had started this. I felt like it was my responsibility to go. And that number two that if I sort of chickened out of going at that stage. She wouldn't want to be with me anyway because I'd be pretty miserable for having blinked in the eye of of of being personally nervous or scared about doing my job. Shake shaft and his colleagues were gathered in the hotel room when Pedro Flora's walked in without his brother. He would be negotiating for both of them. They were largely inseparable in the sense of they had they had been in this together from the outset. And it is my belief that that if only one of them had wanted to cooperate neither of them would have hitter. Juris slight softspoken a guy who had blend easily into a crowd. But as he started talking about the brothers operation. Shake shaft was stunned his initial description of the structure of his organization, and I by his organisation, their organisation, and the volume of drugs that they were distributing on a monthly basis was Jon Robin, the brothers agreed to help shake shaft and his colleagues in exchange for lenient treatment when it came to their own crimes. So while they were still in Mexico. What they did is they started making phone calls negotiating deals with the cartel and recording them and because of their position in the cartel as these major figures these wholesale buyers. There was no one they couldn't get to on November fifteenth two thousand and eight Pedro place to call to chop. Oh, mon- himself. He got understand at that time. Troppo was the most wanted drug traffic on the planet. There were no recent photos of him people couldn't say for sure what he looked like he was a rumor a ghost. But or just dial them up. Suddenly here was his voice saying, oh, how's your brother?.

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