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The latest The flight tracking website flight aware says more than 1200 flights were canceled as of 2 p.m. Eastern Time Saturday That followed more than 2300 cancellations Friday Delta Air Lines has suffered the most with more than 240 flights eliminated Saturday 9% of its operations Delta blames bad weather and air traffic control actions it also cites vendor staffing and higher than expected absences amongst its own staff due to an increase in COVID-19 cases Delta notes it's trying to make the cancellations at least 24 hours in advance Atlanta's Hartsfield–Jackson international airport has been heavily affected by delays I'm Ben Thomas It's the end of an era for the famed lido cabaret in Paris's champs elysees Amid financial troubles and changing times the venues new corporate owner is ditching most of the leaders staff and its high kicking dance shows which date back decades Now dancers employees and union activists are gathering in front of the celebrated building to try to save their jobs and the history of the cabaret known for its dinner theater and its blue bell girls review Artists plan a performance to pay homage to the venue an assistant ballet master at the club Jeremy bochet tells The Associated Press he feels sad It sounds like the death of the cabaret as a place on a genre in Paris I'm Charles De Ledesma Thank you for the future will be amazing and that's all well and good But what about today You can feel the rush of a 400 horsepower.

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