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Tears of joy in the small West Virginia mining town families reuniting with their loved ones, they weren't sure they'd ever seen again. But all three were safely rescued from that abandoned mine all still alive. I happy ending in the race against the clock which lasted four and a half days. The two women and a man had broken into the mind with another male friend early Saturday morning trapped in the cold muddy conditions with little oxygen. And no light the rescue. Didn't come easy empty oxygen tanks. Slowing the rescue crews as they searched over the past few days, but never losing hope by blowing air into the massive mind with large fans, those rescue crews were then able to work without breathing apparatus, which led to this breakthrough the three were to be taken to the hospital in Charleston. But on the way, the motorcade of ambulances stopped at the community center for that amazing reunion, and while they could face criminal charges for entering the mind illegally in search of copper wire family members say. That is for another day. Community grateful. They're all alive. ABC's David curly. Many. You're praying for a happy ending in Colorado where the search continues for a missing mother Kelsey Berith was last seen thanksgiving and police have now issued a search warrant on the home of her fiance. The last person that police say saw Kelsey was her fiancee's Patrick Swayze and then on November twenty fifth a couple of mysterious. Text messages were sent from her phone one to Patrick crazy. We don't know what that one said the other one from Chelsea's phone to her employer at a flight school in Pueblo. Colorado telling them that she was going to be missing work for the next week ABC's Clayton Sandell, a call for several police officers to be fired in New York City after a video went viral showing them trying to rip a baby from its mother's arms. Outrage after a tug of war over a baby has officers I try to pull then a one year old from his mother's arms. This after Twenty-three-year-old jasmine Headley reportedly sat on the floor when she couldn't find a seat during a four hour, wait for daycare voucher. So she could go to work. She's been seeing struggling.

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